Your Basic Guide To Creating Effective Infographics


Your Basic Guide To Creating Effective Infographics

Infographics are a great form of content, especially since they usually garner much more attention and traffic than regular content. However, creating an infographic takes lots of effort, and it is possible to get carried away with all the information one has gathered and then try to display all of that on a single infographic. In fact, no one considers the “hows” of creating an infographic most of the time; they only focus on the “whats” the infographic is about and the end result. Which can frankly ruin the effectiveness of your infographic altogether.

To avoid such scenarios, here is a basic guideline to keep in mind when you are creating an infographic:

1) Select a single topic to work on

It’s easy to get carried away with all the information out there and find everything relevant to your infographic. But remember, this is an infographic, not a thesis. You’re representing all your information on a single image. So pick a single topic and limit your details to exactly what you want to portray in your content. In fact, work on an outline so that you can weed out whatever isn’t necessary and keep your infographic information relevant, clear, and to the point.

2) Use statistics and link to your sources

Information – actual data – is the point of any inforgraphic. So make sure you have the numbers and statistics required to support your information. And, link to all the statistical sources that you garnered your information from; links to your secondary source research is a great way to validate your infographic and give it credibility. (As for your primary sources, you can get your own results through online polls and the like.)

3) Pay attention to its appearance

Infographics are visual media. Hence, make it look appealing; something your audience will want to check out, read, and share.

4) Share

Share your infographic link on social media and everywhere you can online. You made it to be seen, so facilitate it.

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