Why You Should Not Consider Email Marketing A Relic Of The Past

Email Marketing

Why You Should Not Consider Email Marketing A Relic Of The Past

With Social media, websites, online directories, podcasts, and a whole host of other marketing resources available online, it is little wonder that the “email” source of online marketing has long been pushed to the sidelines. However, if you think emails no longer have any relevance in the world of web marketing, then you’d be dead wrong. And here’s why:

Emails are Primarily Text Oriented

Now, at first glance, this might seem like a reason to not use email marketing as a technique rather than to use it. After all, when integrated media – and visual media particularly – is the trend and go-to Internet feature of the century, emails are obviously not up to scratch.
However, the fact is, a lot of people would actually be relieved to only have to deal with text for once. They’re bombarded with visual and audio messages throughout the day, most likely. And, having to sometimes only deal with text to read through can be a much-needed break. Besides, ever tried to watch a video or download an image with slower Internet speed than usual? It is annoying! And if you have to deal with buffering or half loaded images, chances are likely that you’ll simply skip the content altogether. And the same is true for your audience. Emails are much more reliable route in this particular aspect of content distribution.

Emails are Checked Constantly

The truth is, although emails are less glamorous nowadays, there’s hardly a single business or individual out there without an email address. And, emails are usually checked multiple times a day or at least once a day by most. This means, your marketing message has a higher chance of being seen in an email than anywhere else.

Your Email ID is Stored for Future Reference

When was the last time you added a contact manually to your email account? Not recently, we’re guessing. And though this is a not-oft talked about feature, the fact is, unless your email is stored as spam (and if it is, you’re marketing technique definitely needs and overhaul), your contact email will automatically be stored in your recipients’ accounts.

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