Why We Can’t Do Keyword Research Like It’s 2010

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Why We Can’t Do Keyword Research Like It’s 2010

Keyword research forms a major part of the work that online marketers do in order to execute their marketing campaigns. And it is a very detailed task where one has to be analytical, observant and up to date. Well, the web world is constantly evolving and keyword research has also undergone some revolutions. So, here we give you three reasons why we can’t do keyword research like it is 2010.

1. The focus is on quality of search and not quantity

It used to be the practice with SEO people that they would focus on creating separate pages for every possible phrase and term in a bid to target maximum keywords. This is not to be continued with and one should evaluate the intent of the searcher while doing keyword research. If certain keywords are intended for same results, a single piece of content would do.

2.The AdWords Keyword tool is not sufficient

Google AdWords tool is the most relied when it comes to keyword research but it is also a fact that it does not provide all the information that an SEO analyst may need. So, you should also reach out to forums and discussion boards related with your topic, conduct staff and customer interviews to get a good idea about what keywords people are searching for.

3.More factors need to be weighed in while deciding keywords

It is not just volume that one should restrict oneself too. Metrics such as difficulty (the volume of a keyword and the relative ranking), opportunity (the chances of standing against highly searched keywords), bidding through AdWords also play a crucial role.

The game of keywords research is no longer based on the rules that were in practice five years earlier. It has become more sophisticated and smarter with time. To keep up with the changes, you have to play by the new rules.

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