Why Supervised SEO is Necessary to Attract Web Traffic

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Why Supervised SEO is Necessary to Attract Web Traffic

By now, you probably already know what SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) is and how important it is when gaining traffic online. So I won’t go into torturous details about the basics here. Let’s instead get right to the point: You have a website. You’ve put up all the content that is relevant, and you did not resort to the obsessive keyword-scattering tendencies (please don’t!) that some websites do under the mistaken impression that it will increase web traffic. You’ve also linked to all of your brand’s social media platforms. And you even paid a pretty penny to get your website looking all professional. (Or maybe you set up the website yourself; doesn’t matter. You still spent a lot of time on it and you’re certainly going to be paying at least annual rent for your website.)

So now you’re probably planning on sitting back and letting your hard work rake the online audience in. Great.

Please don’t hold your breath.

Here’s the thing about digital marketing: There’s no specific formula or recipe you can follow that will get you precise results. And under no circumstance will that recipe’s product sit on the shelf for a long time without spoiling. Internet technology is forever evolving. And so are humans. So what worked last year might fall through the floor now. (Again, think about how Google tossed aside websites with obsessive and impractical keyword-scattering in their content with their recently developed search algorithm, when a year or two ago it would have ranked those websites on the very first search-result page.)

For a better comparison, it’s like printing thousands of brochures and then simply leaving them in your lounge desk in a pile, thinking people will come and find them on their own. And yes, they might. Maybe two or three of them. Is that enough of an audience for your brand?

Your website is like that brochure. So get an SEO specialist to look over your site; get a content developer and editor to proofread your content. And for the love of your business, keep sharing links and updates with SEO-content on your social media platforms – regularly. You need to supervise your SEO and online platforms to encourage an adequate amount of web traffic for yourself.

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