Why & How Google’s Panda Algorithm Works To Penalize Low Quality Content?

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Why & How Google’s Panda Algorithm Works To Penalize Low Quality Content?

Google has been making steady updates to it’s search algorithm recently. Panda Updates that make it harder than ever for websites and blogs to rank in Google’s search results with the aid of a few quick (and old) SEO tricks. Now, before we come to why Google is doing this, here’s what you must first understand: Google caters to the users, not to you and other website owners. So Google’s first and foremost priority is to ensure that when their users search for something online, they get the closest and best possible answers available for their searches.

Which is why low quality content is a big no-no in Google’s books.

Now let’s move on to the “why” and “how”:


When users click on a link to your site on their search results page, and then find your content to be sparse, duplicated, lacking any valid information, or being of poor quality in general, they’ll get miffed. And then they’ll stop visiting your site. And Google doesn’t like its users miffed. Which is why they keep updating their algorithm to penalize and skip over such websites.


The easiest way Google identifies that your site has low quality content is by judging the number of inbound links, and affiliate links (respectively) to and from our website. And duplicate content either on your site or via those links won’t help your cause either.

How to Fix the Problem?

Don’t fret though. We know that many of you have such links mostly because it was once considered the only way to compete with all the other websites in your niche online. (But if your content is useless, you really, really need to re-think your web strategy!) And there is a pretty easy (if time-consuming) fix: Limit the number of inbound and affiliate links you use in your website. And generate regular posts of good quality content that will keep your visitors interested.

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