Why Building a Social Media Empire Should be on Your 2016’s List of Goals?

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Why Building a Social Media Empire Should be on Your 2016’s List of Goals?

With us well into 2016, the more relevant SEO techniques that have come up recently are a little more clear than it was before. And one of the most prominent SEO trends right now is social media.

Additionally, entrepreneurs are the most encouraged to focus on creating a strong social media empire in order to reap the SEO benefits. Of course, having a strong social media presence will benefit any online presence right now. But entrepreneurs especially will reap big benefits if they focus on building and maintaining a social media empire.

But, leaving the advice, let’s get to the heart of the matter: Why you should focus on building a social media empire in the first place.

1) The very first and most prominent reason would be search rankings. For it’s been increasingly shown that social media engagements (meaning shares, comments, likes, retweets, etc.) can make a web page that much more likely to rank higher on a search page for a relevant result.

2) And the second – almost consequent – advantage that one will also enjoy with having a strong social media empire is that it impressively increases website traffic. After all, Internet users and audiences spend more time on social media than on any other online platform, according to mast statistics. So it makes perfect sense that online audiences are more likely to visit a post or web page that they come across on their social media feeds than anywhere else.

3) Finally, another major advantage is that social media users usually get feeds and links to posts that are actually related to their interests. So there is a lot more frequency to such post clicks than what would happen when a user is looking for a specific online search.

However, one should note that it is not enough to simply build a social media empire to reap these benefits; one should also make sure to maintain it.

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