What You Should Know about Primary and Secondary Keywords?

Primary & Secondary keywords

What You Should Know about Primary and Secondary Keywords?

Keywords are the lifeblood of SEO. Recently, businesses and website owners have realized the necessity for valid content on their websites. But strong and relevant keywords being scattered all over the content is still as important as ever for SEO.

On that note of keyword importance, you should know that there are two major categories of keywords you should consider for SEO: primary keywords and secondary keywords.

Primary keywords

Primary keywords are the main keywords in your content. These keywords are given the most importance when it comes to optimizing a website for search engines. These main keywords refer to the crux of the website content and are the keywords most often used by users to find such relevant content. Thus, primary keywords are usually scattered as evenly as possible throughout the content. And they also appear in the most important sections of the web page’s content – like in the web page’s header, title, inbound links, URL, and meta tags, for instance. These keywords are so important because they usually have a market niche. And, considering that the website’s content is related to that particular niche, such keywords are essential to reach the right target audience.

Secondary keywords

Secondary keywords are other keywords that are related to the primary keywords. These keywords are, thus, often variations of the main keywords. Some secondary keywords are also combinations of multiple primary keywords, or even multiple (other) secondary keywords. In principle, secondary keywords are less important than the primary keywords, but they are also still necessary for effective SEO. Comparatively, the secondary keywords are scattered less frequently in the website content than the primary keywords. But having such secondary keywords is great for when more specific searches in the relevant content are done; it gives the website a greater chance of appearing in such search results.

For an example, “Indian recipes” can be a primary keyword for a site, and “Indian recipes for carrots” can be a secondary keyword for the same. Whatever the case though, for good SEO, it is important to employ both primary and secondary keywords in your online content.

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