What You Haven’t Been Told About Using Backlinks For SEO

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What You Haven’t Been Told About Using Backlinks For SEO

Chances are that you’ve already seen the recent debate about using backlinks for SEO in 2016: While some declare that Google no longer cares about whether or not you use backlinks and that it makes no difference, still others insist that backlinks are definitely a must have to boost your web rankings on Google.

Well, here’s what those debates haven’t clarified yet:

One –  yes, backlinks are still useful for SEO and you shouldn’t do away with them; just make sure your content is of good to high quality as well and that backlinks aren’t your only claim to Google search fame.

Two –  when using backlinks, what you need are backlinks from a number of different web domains in order for Google to take interest; not a bunch of backlinks from the same domain.

In other words, using backlinks as an SEO technique will be effective only if you have backlinks from many different domains. But, instead, even if you have 50 or more backlinks from the same domain, you’re not going to catch any of the benefits. In fact, having backlinks to three different web domains will be 20 times more effective for SEO than having 10 backlinks from the same web domain.

So now comes the important question: How does one get these backlinks from different web domains? Well, the short answer is good quality content (and yes, we have now come full circle by mentioning quality content again). Because, folks, the truth is, nothing is ever going to beat or replace good quality content. Any other SEO technique you use – whether one or many – are simply only going to be enhancements.

Still, once you’ve got the content, remember this backlink detail about using different domains in order to get the best results from this technique.

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