Top 2 Black Hat SEO Strategies To Avoid

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Top 2 Black Hat SEO Strategies To Avoid

“Black Hat SEO”, as the terminology implies, is the direct contradiction to “White Hat SEO”. And as such, Black Hat SEO is the term often used for unethical SEO practices.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is usually used by people who only aim for short-term benefits or short-term financial gain from their websites. The main aim of Black Hat SEO practitioners is to drive as much traffic to their website as possible in the shortest amount of time. So their content is often plagiarized or absolutely useless – and that’s not even considering whether or not the content is utterly irrelevant to what the user wants.

1) Keyword Stuffing

Regarding keywords, Black Hat SEO often employs the method of stuffing keywords into the content way past the level of what could be considered appropriate. And such websites are not very picky about whether the keywords are relevant or not either. Some might stick to relevant keywords and repeat them to a point past insensible in the content. But often, you’ll find a lot of popular keywords stuffed into the content as well, regardless of whether or not it even fits the content.

2) Doorway Pages

Some go a step further and change the entire web page after it has been ranked by search engines for a particular keyword(s). And still others use hidden text and “jump” pages (also known as doorway pages and bridge pages) which will redirect the user to the webpage they want the user to see when they click on that particular search result link. Such jump pages are specifically crafted to trick users into accessing a particular web page by redirecting them to a website completely different from what the link they clicked on implied.

Such SEO practices completely go against the rules and policies set up by search engines for SEO. And it puts the website or web page in dire danger of being banned by search engines once it’s found out (or at least being lowered in rank), depending on the severity of their unethical SEO methods. (This even happened recently in fact, when Google changed its search algorithm.)

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