Tips On How To Use Facebook For B2B Marketing

Facebook B2B Marketing

Tips On How To Use Facebook For B2B Marketing

Facebook is not just a great platform for B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing, but it’s versatility as a social media site makes it an excellent B2B (Business to Business) marketing platform as well. So, if you’re looking into marketing your products and services to other businesses, check out the following three tips on how you can improve your Facebook strategy for B2B marketing:

1) Use Images and Bold Text

Images any day get more traction and engagement on social media than plain text content. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if your image just has stylized text stating the title or headline of your link and a simple lead. What matters is that your link has an image that will catch the eye. Also, use bold text and concise information when crafting the titles of your content. Your sharing text update, excerpt, or message should also give a clear, concise idea of what people will find if they click on your link.

2) Use Scheduled Facebook Live Shows

Facebook Live videos are a big hit on Facebook, and many businesses and users have already started using this tool to increase their user engagement. However, rather than promoting an upcoming Facebook Live video one at a time, having scheduled live shows – a lot like a scheduled, real-time television show – can be even more effective in marketing your business to other businesses. After all, if one live show can generate so much of engagement, an entire planned series of live shows has that much more potential.

3) Post Native Videos as Updates on Your Timeline

Native videos refer to videos that have been directly uploaded onto one’s Facebook timeline – whether that’s on a Facebook account’s timeline, or a Facebook Page’s timeline. And generally, such native videos generate much more engagement and views on Facebook than linked or shared videos do.

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