The Step-Wise Guide For YouTube Live

You Tube Live

The Step-Wise Guide For YouTube Live

YouTube Live is a feature of YouTube that allows you to stream live video content on your YouTube account. To set up and use YouTube Live on your YouTube account, take note of the following steps:

1) Sign in to your YouTube Account.

2) Click on your channel’s profile picture and click on “Creator Studio”.

3) Click on the “Live Streaming” option on the sidebar.

4) If this is your first live streaming YouTube video, you’ll be prompted to add a phone number to your account for verification. You’ll also receive a share-able link to host your live streaming video.

5) In the screen that opens, you’ll see a “Live Streaming Checklist” on the right and a chat window below it. The “Checklist” guides you through the steps to set up your live stream video on YouTube. The chat window will be how your audience engages with you during the live streaming. (You can disable this chat window if you wish via the settings icon on the window.)

6) The information box is on the left under the video screen. Enter the “Basic Info” details here (like the name, category, description, etc.). Then click on “Stream Options” and check the ‘Enable DVR’ option and choose the “Optimize for interaction” radio button. These are the basic stream settings for your live video stream.

7) You can also click on the “Monetization” tab and check “Monetize with ads” if you’re linked to an AdSense account. Clicking on the “Cards” tab will allow you to add cards to your video as well. But both these choices are optional.

8) A free live streaming software like Open Broadcast Software (among others) will be needed to stream your video. Go to “Set up encoding software” on the “Checklist” and connect your live streaming software to your YouTube Live account.

9) To start the stream, add your (video) input sources to your live streaming software (E.g.: Open Broadcast Software), and then click on “Start Streaming”. And voila! Your streaming your first live video on YouTube Live! (Just click on “Stop Streaming” once you’re done and the live stream will end.)

Note: After ending your live stream, you can re-purpose or re-use the video for shares and even ads after downloading the video.

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