The Status of Social Videos: Current Standing and Future Forecast

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The Status of Social Videos: Current Standing and Future Forecast

Social Videos have been on the rise for a while now. And, currently, they’re taking the social media world by storm, thanks to the sheer numbers of varied video content that is uploaded since recent times. Both professional marketers and small to medium size business owners are all over this trend as well. And consequently, the future looks bright for social videos.

So, if you’re a business owner, or in some professional niche of marketing, here’s what you need to know about this interesting trend:

The Current Ongoing Status of Social Videos

At the moment, these are the hallmarks that define the trend of social videos for online marketing:

1) Small to medium businesses and marketers are plunging more and more into the practice of creating and uploading video content.
2) Both marketers and business owners admit that they don’t know enough about utilizing social videos to get the optimal potential out of them.
3) Facebook ranks first as the most impactful social channel where video content is concerned. YouTube ranks second.
4) Mobile-based platforms are still soaring as an impactful platform for online marketing, even in the case of social videos.
5) Business owners and marketers rank video marketing as a skill above all other avenues of online marketing (i.e., email marketing, graphic design, content or text marketing, podcasts, etc.)

The Future Forecast for Social Videos

Based on the current trends regarding video marketing on social media, the future forecast for this avenue looks highly promising. Here is the expected forecast for social videos regarding the next year:

1) The number of videos bombarding social media will only increase.
2) Marketers and small to medium business owners will invest much more in video marketing in the following year.
3) Video marketing will be a highly sought out skill – both for gaining jobs as well as for businesses to gain more customers.

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