3 Ways To Increase Sales For Your Business With Online Videos

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3 Ways To Increase Sales For Your Business With Online Videos

Online videos are not only good for marketing and brand-awareness purposes. They can also help increase product sales, aid customer satisfaction, and improve customer services as well.

Here are three ways videos can do much more for your business than simply get views:

1) Video Ads

Videos ads act as marketing and advertising tools. But more than that, with the popularity of online videos on a constant high at the moment, video advertisements are more effective than ever. In fact, even video ads made with online video tools (like PowToon and the like) are enough to interest customers and increase sales. Plus, online videos that are shown on social media and websites alone work just as well as (if not better than) video ads shown on television (and they work out much cheaper too). Video ads, thus, greatly increase your chances of product purchases and overall profits.

2) Video Testimonials

With users preferring a personal touch in all aspects nowadays, showcasing video testimonials of your customers are supremely effective in increasing sales for your business. Such videos don’t have to be over-polished either. Simply asking a few customers at an event for your business what they think of your product is enough. You can even record some of your consumers’ testimonials using online video recording tools, if they are willing.

3) FAQ Screencasts

Just like you can use product demo and product walkthrough videos to teach your customers how to use your product, you can also use videos to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) or service queries regarding your product(s). In fact, such videos are often clearer and more effective than regular text content in answering common questions. You’ll also effectively reduce the number of cases your customer service people will have to handle directly with such videos, thereby giving them more time to answer to the tougher cases. And better customer service leads to happier customers, which leads to better reviews of your business and, in turn, better sales prospects.

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3 Types Of Videos You Can Add To Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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3 Types Of Videos You Can Add To Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Videos are the craze of social media marketing right now, and hence, no social media marketing strategy is complete without videos in it. Subsequently, when videos being included in your marketing campaign is a no-brainer, then the next thing you need to consider is what kind of video you should add.

To that end, here are the three kinds of videos you can add to your social media pages for promotional purposes:

1) The Pre-Roll Video or Teaser Video

Pre-roll videos or teaser videos are generally video ads (or trailers) that show just 15 to 30 seconds of the video. The idea behind this type of video is to catch the viewer’s attention (in that short length of viewing time) and get them interested in what you’re promoting. The main aim of such videos is to get the viewer to click on the video and watch the whole thing.

2) The How-To or DIY Video

How-to and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) videos are also known as “teaching videos”. And currently, these type of videos are the most viewed videos online. These kinds of videos are very popular as they provide users with valuable, free, informative, and edu-training content. (E.g., craft videos, fitness training videos, etc.)

3) Videos Formed Around Trending Topics

All marketers want their videos to go viral. However, no one has cracked the formula of how to gain this “going viral” phenomenon at will. Hence, the next best bet is to create a video around a topic that is already trending on social media. Then (using the requisite hashtags) publish this video on social media within the time-window of the trending topic.

(Note: Of course, the various types of videos on social media can be categorized in a number of different ways based on the method or channel of classification. But when considering videos for a marketing mix on social media, these are the major kinds of videos you’ll generally have to pick from.)

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