How To Use Live Videos To Promote Sales & Offers At Your Local Store

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How To Use Live Videos To Promote Sales & Offers At Your Local Store?

Live videos are unfortunately not used much by local stores and shops. But they should be, considering the great marketing and customer-inciting abilities live videos have. In fact, the next time you’re having a sale or offer at your store, instead of posting a video of the sales and products after the sale is over, do a pre-sale video via a live video on social media.

Here’s how you can do that:

1) Promote your live video beforehand

Of course, you’ll have to promote the date and time of your live video beforehand to ensure that people see it on time. And yes, you’ll have to schedule it so that the live video goes live exactly when you’re setting up, or buying the products, or whichever point you think will be the most effective. This also means you’ll have to plan the entire thing (at least briefly) beforehand so that you can effectively let your customers know about your upcoming live video and what they can look forward to.

2) Use live videos to promote your current and available stock

Most of the time, videos about products in stores are seen long after a particular promotional offer or sale is over. The sale in question is often shot and posted on social media. And, any customers who come afterward will find a different range of products to buy. With live videos, however, your store can broadcast live the process of you and your team setting up the store or even buying the products that are actually going to be on sale. And when customers visit your store in response to that live video, they’ll know what products to find.

3) Live videos mean customers can bid or reserve products online as well

You can even allow customers to reserve or bid for products in the comments if you wish. As in, you could put a stipulation that a product will be kept in reserve only for three hours from the posting of that comment. Or, if it’s a regular customer, you can simply hold it until they reach the store. Either way, such live videos will encourage customers to visit the store as soon as they view the video.

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2 Awesome Ways You Can Use Live Videos To Market Your Business

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2 Awesome Ways You Can Use Live Videos To Market Your Business

As anyone who has seen too much of “YOLO” on the World Wide Web will know, the current market is all about the “now”. And in line with that trend, live videos can be a great sales and marketing technique for brands and businesses. All any business has to do is make use of live videos on social media (and their website) in a creative and eye-catching way.

If you’re new to using live videos, or are simply not quite sure how it might benefit your business, here are three great ways you can incorporate live videos into your brand’s marketing strategy:

1) Use live videos to answer questions about your products and services

There are a number of “how-to” and instructional videos on social media. And that’s a great marketing resource for any business. However, live videos can pull the same weight for your business, if not more. All you have to do is promote the fact that you will be having an instructional video or “how-to” video broadcasted live that will address a particular task or query. However, also ensure that you emphasize that customers can ask questions about your products and services as well when your video broadcast goes live.

2) Use live videos to create a reality show about your business

Reality shows are a big hit: This is obvious from the sheer number of reality shows one can find on any given channel today. And it’s likely that you’re a fan of one or more of these shows as well. So imagine the interest you’ll generate if your post regular live videos about the working of your business (as in, behind-the-scenes takes). In short, give your business your own reality show. For, even if people don’t want their own bakery (if that’s your business, for example), they’re interested in what goes on in there.

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Tips To Help You Vlog Effectively


Tips To Help You Vlog Effectively

Vlogging or a vlog is an amalgamation of the terms “video” and “blogging” and “video” and “blog” respectively. So, a vlog is nothing more than a blog where you post videos rather than infographics or text-based posts. And in fact, YouTube is the most popular vlogging platform there is today on the Internet.

But we’re not here to explain what vlogging is. Rather, we’re here to give you some great tips to set you on your path to great vlogging practices. So, if you’re somewhat new to the vlog platform, but are seriously considering it as a valid social media marketing tactic, then these tips are definitely for you.

Here are the bare important facts of what you need to know about vlogging:

1) Consistency is King

If you’re going to maintain a vlog, then you must be consistent. If you’re posting once a week, make sure you don’t suddenly drop off the face of the earth for a month or year in-between. If you’re blogging 3 times a week, then stick to that quota. The best method here is to make videos in advance and schedule them all in line with your posting schedule.

2) A Vlog can have Any Content a Blog could

A vlog can have tutorials, personal posts, quick tips, and basically anything that you might write a regular blog post about. What you shouldn’t do is flood your vlogs with ads and marketing messages. That’s not vlogging, that’s commercial advertising, and it can ruin your vlog’s purpose.

3) A Vlog should have a Purpose and a Business Goal

Decide the purpose of your vlog: Are you entertaining? Are you inspiring? Are you informing? Are you instructing? Are you answering customer queries? Or are you doing a little of each? Make sure you understand the purpose of your blog and remember that your goal is to attract more business. Either way, likes, follows, and the like are not your main aim. If you have few followers but you’re getting a lot of business calls and clients, then you’re vlog’s doing what it’s supposed to.

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