Steps To Verify Your Local Business’s Facebook Page Via Your Smartphone

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Steps To Verify Your Local Business’s Facebook Page Via Your Smartphone

If your local business has a Facebook page, then it will be in your business’s best interests to have a gray “verified page” badge next to your page/business name on Facebook.

Here’s how you can verify your local business page on Facebook right on your smartphone:

Step 1:

Go to your Facebook business page via your Facebook mobile app.

Step 2:

Tap on the More Options button (denoted by “. . .”) and select the “Edit Settings” option.

Step 3:

Under the “Settings” screen, tap on the right-facing arrow (looks like a closing angle bracket or the greater-than sign) on the right of the “General” settings option.

Step 4:

Under the “General” screen, go to the “Page Verification” section and tap on the right-facing arrow on the right of the “Verify your Page” option.

Step 5:

Under the “Page Verification” screen, you will be prompted to “Please enter a business phone number.” Enter your business phone number here and click on the “Call Me Now” button below.

Step 6:

You will get a message on the “Page Verification” screen that will tell you that Facebook is calling you at the number you just entered and that you will get a 4-digit verification code that you will have to note down. Await the phone call from Facebook and note down the 4-digit code. (If the call doesn’t arrive after too long or you miss the verification code, you can click on the “Call Me Again” button at the bottom of the screen.)

Step 7:

Enter the 4-digit verification code you hear into the text box marked “Verification Code”. Then press the “Continue” button.

You should next receive a “Congratulations” message on your “Page Verification” screen, meaning that now you’ll have a gray badge next to your local business’s page [name] on Facebook.

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4 Great Social Media Apps To Use With Slack


4 Great Social Media Apps To Use With Slack

As a social media marketer, chances are that you’re already using Slack to collaborate online with your team members. If you haven’t heard of Slack before though, Slack is a cloud-based teamwork software. And you should seriously consider using this software to collaborate with your team: The list of social media tools you can use to customize Slack (for online marketing) is incredible and a real boon to online marketers.

And that’s what this post’s really about: The great ways in which you can use various social media customizations with Slack that assist you in your marketing strategies. And here are four of those awesome ways:

1) Nuzzel with Slack will Get You Popular Content in Your Channel

Integrating Nuzzel with Slack will bring you notifications of your favorite kinds of news feeds right through a Slack channel. (It works by drawing data from your Facebook and Twitter news feeds, which are based on your preferences and interests.)

2) RSS Feeds with Slack will Get You Updates from All of Your Subscribed RSS Feeds

As with the other social media tools, that you integrated with Slack, integrating your RSS feeds (i.e., your RSS subscriptions) with Slack will get you all the new updates posted right in a Slack channel.

3) Giphy with Slack will Help You Find GIFs Easily on Slack

The Giphy customization is a must-have on Slack with today’s video-obsessed audience. For, it allows you to post great GIFs without even changing your platform from Slack.

4) The Urban App with Slack will Make You an Expert on Urban Slang

Ever seen something online and wondered what on earth it meant? Well, now, you can easily check any kind of slang and informal lingo out on Slack with the “Urban” app from Urban dictionary.
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