IFTTT: The Superb Social Media Marketing Solution


IFTTT: The Superb Social Media Marketing Solution

Social media marketing involves many tasks and that too on various social media platforms. It can be quite time-taking but not when you are registered with IFTTT. Wondering what it is? Well, IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” and is an application that lets you automate your social media tasks in simple steps.

It is aligned with more than 700 services including the bigger names like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and many more. All you have to do is create an applet i.e. the automated action that will be performed as and according to the trigger and action mentioned in the Applet. So, here are the ways to use applets to accomplish social media tasks.

1. To share engaging content

You can share a good piece of content on multiple social media platforms by finding the RSS feed of the said platform and using IFTTT’s RSS service as the trigger to distribute content on your social media accounts as well as other blogs.

2. To share positive customer reviews

Glowing words from customers go a long way in increasing sales as well as establishing your brand. So, you can create applets to share a positive customer experience to different social media platforms.

3. To keep an eye on competitor posts

The stiff competition out there demands one to be on one’s toes always and applets can be helpful in this regard as you can create alerts for posts and tweets from competitors. This way you can ensure that you are not left behind and are always at the forefront.

4. To know about the people tweeting in your area

You can direct people to your business website and grow your audience if you are aware that people are tweeting in your area. This works best for local businesses. All you have to do is create IFTTT alerts for the people tweeting in your area.

5. To assign tasks to team members

Applets can be used to alert a person or even an app to get a task done. For ex, your applet can send the latest tweets to a specific group to capitalize on it or on the keywords in the tweet.

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4 Awesome Social Media Channels To Promote Your Products

ecommerce social media

4 Awesome  Social Media Channels To Promote Your Products

In the present age, social media is no less than a blessing for businesses looking to make their mark. It offers to be a cost-effective and influential platform that can help in marketing the product as well as building a brand that will sustain the numerous challenges the current business environment poses. So, here are 4 social media channels and the ways through which you can promote your products like a pro.

1. Incorporate links with your products in Instagram stories

The popular photo sharing site lets you include links and mentions in your stories which can also bring in customers. All you have to do is activate the link icon which you can find by going to the Instagram home screen and tapping Add Story at the top left. If linking feature is not enabled you can ally with publishers who have similar audiences or work with influencers.

2. Showcase products on Pinterest

A cousin of Instagram, Pinterest allows you to display your products and to set up a showcase, just go to your page and click the red Add button lying above Build Your Showcase. You can now see the Edit showcase window with five slots. Choose the boards you want to feature and you are done.

3. Get your estore on Facebook

With StoreYa plugin, you can easily import your online store to Facebook. It supports 30 eCommerce platforms. All you have to do is install the plugin and then click the WooCommerce tab and click Settings. Click Connect Facebook Fan Page and your store will be imported.

4. Build up Snapchat stories

This one is a little different. You have to reinforce the brand message and generate interest in your products by weaving a story that makes an impact on digital viewers. You can try using your products as gifts to strike an emotional chord with the customers.

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Make The Most Of Youtube: Ways To Moderate Comments

Youtube Comment

Make The Most Of Youtube: Ways To Moderate Comments

YouTube is one of the most influential social media channels that can help a business get the eyeballs and attention it needs to make it big in the highly-competitive digital world. It has got mass appeal but if you want to make the most of this video sharing site, you also need to keep a watch on what your audience is posting. This is to say you need to moderate their comments, which is easy with the new moderation features of the site. It allows you to remove offensive and irrelevant comments in minutes. All you have to do is follow these steps.

1. Add comment moderators by inviting the people that will help you in reviewing the comments.

Just go to Creator Studio, click on the Community tab and then on the Community Settings tab. Now enter the YouTube channel URL of the user and the moderator is ready to work. The advantage with this setting is that the comment is not deleted permanently. It is held for review and you take the final step.

2. Customize moderation settings to approve users so that their comments will get automatic approval.

You can block specific words using automated filters and also hide troublesome users from their comments. This is also done from the Community Settings tab and you can decide whether you want the comments to show up or held for review before they are published.

3. Moderate comments just by clicking on the dots icon next to the comment of the user.

You can remove or report spam or hide user from your channel as well.

4. If you want to disable comments altogether from your video, you can also do so but it will also disable the useful comments.

You just have to uncheck the Allow Comments box on the Advanced Settings tab that you can access by navigating to the video through Creator Studio and clicking Edit, mentioned next to it.

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Facebook Upgraded Their Live Videos To Live 360 Videos!

Facebook 360 degree video

Facebook Upgraded Their Live Videos To Live 360 Videos!

Video content is all the rage now and the trend and popularity of such content only seems to be increasing (and steeply!). In fact, the popularity Facebook’s Live Video feature is a testament to how common and engaging videos on social media (and the entire Web in general) have gotten. And now, in tune to the rapid demand for more engaging and more complex video content, Facebook has just introduced the 360 video feature to their live videos!

Before we gush about this feature though, a brief explanation of what these features are might be in order to differentiate Facebook’s Live Video feature from its newly upgraded Live 360 Video feature:

1) Facebook’s Live Videos

This feature basically allowed users to shoot videos and stream it live on Facebook from their chosen location during the shoot. This has been an especially popular trend when it came to travel-experience videos. And a lot of Influencers and businesses even had regular live episodes of various genres of content to engage with their audience. (In fact, most live sessions were scheduled and advertised in order to ensure a fan or audience member didn’t miss a live streaming session. And they were so popular that episodic live streams became quite a normal strategy for many.)

2) Facebook’s Live 360 Videos

360 videos in general give a 360 degree view of a particular scene, location, or landscape that a video has shot. And in a 360 video, users can explore that particular landscape at their own pace and choice. The live 360 video feature is set to combine live streaming videos with this 360 degree view feature of the location/scene. The 360 video is already pretty popular in its own right. So to combine that feature with live streamed videos is sure to be a real head-turner (no pun intended).

Facebook first launched their new Live 360 video feature with National Geographic on 13th December (2016).

(Note: It will likely be only slowly available to more pages in time.)

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3 Ways You Can Publish Your Instagram Photos On Facebook

facebook instagram

3 Ways You Can Publish Your Instagram Photos On Facebook

Images, graphics, photos, animated GIFs, and videos are rocking the Facebook platform right now. And if you’re frequent on Instagram and post fairly regularly there, then there’s no reason you can’t use your Instagram posts to help you reach more people on Facebook.

Here are three ways in which you can publish your Instagram photographs on Facebook:

1) Enable your Instagram Post to be Published on Your Facebook Timeline

You have the option of linking your Instagram account to your Facebook page. And each time you publish anything on Facebook, you have the option to post it onto your Facebook page simultaneously. You simply have to swipe right next to your linked Facebook page or account (so that the swiping strip is blue) to enable it. You can individually select whether or not you want to publish a post to Facebook each time you publish content on Instagram.
(Note: You can’t separately schedule your Instagram posts on Facebook this way. It will publish simultaneously on your Facebook page instead.)

2) Copy Your Instagram Post’s URL to Facebook

You can have more control over how your Instagram image and resulting Facebook post will look with this option. All you have to do is copy the URL of your Instagram post from the address bar, and then paste it into your status update section on Facebook. Then, once the image renders based on the pasted URL, delete the URL from the content and add your own status update. Then, either publish it directly or schedule it so that it is published at a date and time of your choice. You can also add your location, what you’re feeling, etc., to this post, just like you could do to any of your other Facebook status updates.

3) Copy Your Instagram Post’s Embed Code to Paste on Facebook

To do this, click on the More icon (…) on your Instagram post, and click on the “Embed” option. Then copy the embed code you get and simply paste it on your Facebook status update. All other steps are exactly the same as when you copy your post’s URL into your Facebook page’s status update [area].

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Your Basic Guide To Creating Effective Infographics


Your Basic Guide To Creating Effective Infographics

Infographics are a great form of content, especially since they usually garner much more attention and traffic than regular content. However, creating an infographic takes lots of effort, and it is possible to get carried away with all the information one has gathered and then try to display all of that on a single infographic. In fact, no one considers the “hows” of creating an infographic most of the time; they only focus on the “whats” the infographic is about and the end result. Which can frankly ruin the effectiveness of your infographic altogether.

To avoid such scenarios, here is a basic guideline to keep in mind when you are creating an infographic:

1) Select a single topic to work on

It’s easy to get carried away with all the information out there and find everything relevant to your infographic. But remember, this is an infographic, not a thesis. You’re representing all your information on a single image. So pick a single topic and limit your details to exactly what you want to portray in your content. In fact, work on an outline so that you can weed out whatever isn’t necessary and keep your infographic information relevant, clear, and to the point.

2) Use statistics and link to your sources

Information – actual data – is the point of any inforgraphic. So make sure you have the numbers and statistics required to support your information. And, link to all the statistical sources that you garnered your information from; links to your secondary source research is a great way to validate your infographic and give it credibility. (As for your primary sources, you can get your own results through online polls and the like.)

3) Pay attention to its appearance

Infographics are visual media. Hence, make it look appealing; something your audience will want to check out, read, and share.

4) Share

Share your infographic link on social media and everywhere you can online. You made it to be seen, so facilitate it.

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2 Tools Every Social Media Marketer Should Start Using Today

2 Tools Every Social Media Marketer Should Start Using Today

Anyone into social media marketing – whether it’s for their own business or their profession sees them handling other business accounts on social media – knows what a time-consuming job it can be. Luckily, there are a number of Web tools out there that can make the job of social media marketers much less cumbersome. Here are two of such Web tools that you should certainly consider using to better make use of your social media accounts:


1) Canva

Canva is an app that offers users a number of beautiful layout that they can use to design presentations, create eye-catching social media graphics, and generally assists you with practically anything that will help your social media posts be more visually appealing. There are number of free vectors and stock photos that are available free with the app – and this is in addition to being able to use your own set of visuals too. Icons, shapes, and fonts are available for users to edit, modify, and use as they please as well. Plus, a number of beautiful filters and image editing tools help you modify your own images to make them social-media worthy as well. In essence, this app will make your social media posts much more eye-catching and click-inducing.


2) Feedly

As any Feedlysocial media marketer knows, it’s not enough to share your own content, but you need to share other content as well. However, finding good, useful content that fits into your niche can be alarmingly time-consuming. Which is why you need a content curation app like Feedly. For, with this app, you can subscribe to the blogs, feeds, and accounts that you appreciate, while also getting suggestions for the latest and best feeds you can subscribe to in the content categories that you want. That this app allows you to organize your feeds so that yournot overwhelmed by content also helps you much better manage your time with regards to social media.

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3 Free Monitor Tools For Your Brand On Social Media

Social Media Monitor Tools

3 Free Monitor Tools For Your Brand On Social Media

So, you have your website and your social media accounts set up and you’ve been working hard to get your brand out on the Web and make it familiar, engaging, and interactive. But, how do you know how well your brand is actually doing? How do you learn which social media accounts are driving traffic and which aren’t doing much for your brand’s visibility?

Well, the short answer to that is “analytics”. But, there’s no reason you can’t use Web tools to monitor your brand on social media – and that’s exactly what this article tackles. Even better, the three tools mentioned below are free to use!

1) TweetDeck

TweetDeck is the app to go for if you’re looking to monitor your brand on Twitter. It not only helps you schedule and post to your Twitter account, but it also gives you good analytical data regarding how your brand is performing on Twitter, and allows you to stream your feeds in real time. You can even combine this app with the Buffer app as well. Plus, there’s no limit to how many Twitter accounts you can manage with this app.

2) Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is for you to monitor and manage everything Facebook about your brand. It helps you understand your Facebook statistics, lets you run and manage Facebook contests, brings to your attention which of your Facebook metrics need extra tweaking and interference, and also lets you know if your Facebook page is performing below or above average (etc.). Plus, at the same time, this app gives you tips and lessons on how to market your brand better on Facebook.

3) Social Clout

Social Clout is an app that gathers all relevant data to your brand from blogs, social media, forums, etc., and gives your real-time reports that will tell you how your brand is doing on social media and the World Wide Web as a whole. It lets you monitor your brand’s overall social media health ranking on the Web.

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Start Advertising Your Business on Thumbtack


Start Advertising Your Business on Thumbtack

Thumbtack is often hailed as a great online platform to list your business and get leads. And while the platform does deliver, if you don’t know how it works and what the guidelines are for this platform’s lead generation tactics, you could wind up paying for way more than you should have to for advertising your business on Thumbtack.

So, if you are considering advertising your business on Thumbtack to generate leads, then here are two factors you should definitely be aware of about how Thumbtack lead generation works:

1) Thumbtack generates leads who look for the most inexpensive solutions rather than consider quality

Thumbtack has a “your budget” field for its searches. However, as this is not a required search criteria, what happens is that, depending on the quotes for your products and services, leads on Thumbtack will probably disregard you if you’re quotes is not the cheapest one they find. In other words, it’s a platform that often makes businesses compete over who can offer the lowest prices for their products and services, which means the quality of those services is not often a criteria.

2) On finding your business page on Thumbtack, leads still can’t contact you directly

Basically, if you make a business page on Thumbtack, it works better as something that gets traffic for Thumbtack rather than for your own business. And this isn’t because leads might choose not to visit your profile or contact your business after they see your Thumbtack profile. It’s because Thumbtack doesn’t let users contact you directly; they don’t even list your business’s contact details on your Thumbtack business page. Instead, potential leads are asked to request a free quote instead – which can either turn the lead away from your business, or, if they agree to requesting the free quote, you wind up paying to simply display your business contact details to the potential customer.

In basic terms, if you’re planning to advertise on Thumbtack, you should know what you’re spending your advertising budget on and in what form you may expect returns on your investment.

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3 Kinds Of Videos You Can Make To Use In Your Twitter Ads

Twitter video ads

3 Kinds Of Videos You Can Make To Use In Your Twitter Ads

Videos are an awesome medium of content even with Twitter’s 140 rule and limitation. In fact, especially when it comes to Twitter ads, video content is probably the most effective kind of ad you could put up on Twitter. However, that doesn’t mean that you swarm your audience with marketing videos alone. Rather, here are three kinds of [indirectly marketing] videos that you can use effectively and engagingly in your Twitter ads:

1) Video Product Catalog

Rather than blatantly promoting your products, make a video catalog of your products simply to create an ambience and impression around them. In other words, simply and concisely showcase your products via a video on Twitter. The quick content and the visual appeal such videos create will be enough to entice your viewers to click on your ad.

2) How-To Video

How-to videos are ruling the roost at the top of the popularity hierarchy of online video content. So it makes sense that using a how-to video in your Twitter ad is an effective strategy. And, if you’re worried about the limited video content you’re restricted to posting on Twitter, don’t; that’s your advantage. For, if your instructional video gives your viewers something interesting and of value to watch, you can encourage them to click on the ad and view the rest of your video on your website (which they will, if they liked the start and subject matter of your how-to video).

3) Showcase or Walkthrough Video

A showcase or walkthrough video is a great way to directly introduce a product of yours to your viewers. For instance, showing a video of how to use your app is a simple yet perfect opportunity to tell your potential customers what your product can do (and how). It simultaneously promotes your product directly (without using any blatant marketing tactics), and also teaches viewers how to use your product.

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