5 Features That Makes An Image Awesome on Social Media

images on social media

5 Features That Makes An Image Awesome on Social Media

So, you probably have great ideas about what you can post this year for your digital strategy already. And you probably also already know that images and videos will serve you best when you want to grab your audience’s attention.

However, while all this is true, it’s also common knowledge now. In other words, everybody’s doing it. And now, you need to stand out if you want your posts to be seen while among “everybody’s” posts.

Now, the most common and quickest way you can revamp your posts is too accompany your text-based posts with images. For, everyone loves a visual angle on social media.

And, to that end, here are five things that your image should be or have in order to attract your audience’s attention (and be awesome!):

1) Pick a new or original image

Look for new and unique images to use in your posts. Or, better yet, create your own. Either way, new and interesting images no one has seen before will always catch people’s eyes on social media.

2) Make the image and post adhere to currently trending topics

Post images and content that are related to topics that people are currently talking about or are interested in. In fact, pick topics that are trending that very day, if possible.

3) Keep it relevant to your niche

Choose an image and topic that is relevant to your niche. After all, your audience expects a certain theme and standard, and you shouldn’t disappoint.

4) Make the image information easy to process

When you post an image, make the content in it evenly spaced, clear, and concise. Complicated images will not do you any favors.

5) Use a call-to-action

What do you want your audience to do when they see your image or post? Put that goal into a call-to-action message on your image to entice your audience.

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2 Ways To Customize Your Blog Posts to Stand Out on Twitter



2 Ways To Customize Your Blog Posts to Stand Out on Twitter

We’ll get to the point: It’s all about the visual content.

In other words, your tweets will stand out more if they include visual content. And this goes for your tweetable blog posts too. After all, if you want people to notice your blog post links on their twitter feed, you need to first catch their eye. And images can help you do that.

Here’s how you can optimize and fix your Twitter account and your blog posts so that they stand out on your followers’ Twitter news feeds:

1) Set Up Twitter Cards

If you have a blog, make sure that each and every one of your blog posts have an accompanying image. If any of them don’t, add an image. And also make sure that the “Tweet Post to Twitter” button is available under each post on your blog and on every web page on your website.
Then, set up Twitter Cards on your blog and linked Twitter Account. For, once you do, Twitter Cards will use your tweeted blog post’s image and the image’s description every single time a blog post is tweeted from your site. And these media rich cards will make your tweeted links stand out all the more on Twitter.

2) Make Your Blog Post Images Twitter-Sized

This is an alternative to using Twitter Cards. Here, you basically resize your blog post images so that their dimensions match the preview dimensions on Twitter. This way, every time your blog post is tweeted, the image relevant to that post can be automatically previewed in full. This helps as previews of cut-off or partial images are less attention-grabbing than complete images on Twitter. (The only disadvantage here is that the blog post images will be optimized for Twitter, but not necessarily for other social media platforms.)

Which method you opt for is up to you. But either way, the point is to tweet your content with images at center-stage.

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How To Use Pinterest To Get More Traffic For Your Website Or Blog?


How To Use Pinterest To Get More Traffic For Your Website Or Blog?

Pinterest – with absolutely no bias meant against other social media sites – is probably the most fun and creative social media platform out there. Its success is also rather unique, as, unlike other social media, the onus here isn’t to keep contact with people, keep track of friends, share statuses and updates about one’s lives, or even to gain a lot of followers. (And though there are plenty of Pinterest users who use Pinterest to gain followers and market their brand, Pinterest isn’t the main social media of choice for this.)

Rather, the onus is more on finding things that spark our interest and to get ideas when we need them. In a sense, Pinterest gives us an online version of a vision board or inspiration board; and you have the entire realm of the Web’s ideas to make it up.

However, this in no way means that Pinterest doesn’t cut it as a sound marketing platform. Quite the contrary. The Pinterest website might not have been made with the sole purpose of marketing in mind, but considering how long people spend on the site and how appealing your content is, Pinterest is a great site to use to get more traffic for your website and blog. And, it has been known to be especially good for marketing products from e-commerce websites.

Either way, here’s how you can use Pinterest to gain more visitors to your blog or website:

1) First of all, along with other pins, also save pins from your own website – especially custom images that promote your brand, its colors, and/or your business and website.

2) Use relevant keywords in your Pinterest descriptions.

3) Add links to your home page or specific web pages on your site in the link section of each pin.

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Social Media – The Frighteningly Effective Manipulator Of Our Concept of Time


social media

Social Media – The Frighteningly Effective Manipulator Of Our Concept of Time

The online realm can be an ace manipulator when it comes to our perception of time. We might have the best of intentions when we begin: We will swear to ourselves that we will focus and that we will spend just one hour on social media and then immediately work on that blog post that is due at the end of the day. It’s early, after all. We have plenty of time. (Ha!)

Then we log into social media, and it’s like the snake charmer hypnotizing the snake! We respond to messages, tweets, comments, then share what we want to share. We might schedule posts and write necessary content too. But we also do a number of other tasks on social media that just crop up and were not part of our original plans. And then, when we look up, we find that we’ve spent hours on social media, have not quite finished the tasks that we were supposed to finish on social media in the first place, and now have to rush into overtime in order to complete that blog post.

Even worse, we find that our energy has depleted and we can’t focus – which most of the time means that we take even longer to complete the necessary digital tasks if we don’t postpone it to the following day or week instead. And thus, social media (and the Internet in general) is an ace manipulator when it comes to time: It is so frighteningly addictive and engaging that people have been known to spend hours upon hours (even days!) glued to the screen. And, if you’re a digital marketer, or even someone simply starting to manage a blog and brand (or online business) on their own, you would have experienced this multiple times.

Well, the good news is that you’re not alone. A lot of digital marketers have to combat this problem. For, frankly speaking, social media is practically a time warp come to life.

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How To Use Live Videos To Promote Sales & Offers At Your Local Store

local store

How To Use Live Videos To Promote Sales & Offers At Your Local Store?

Live videos are unfortunately not used much by local stores and shops. But they should be, considering the great marketing and customer-inciting abilities live videos have. In fact, the next time you’re having a sale or offer at your store, instead of posting a video of the sales and products after the sale is over, do a pre-sale video via a live video on social media.

Here’s how you can do that:

1) Promote your live video beforehand

Of course, you’ll have to promote the date and time of your live video beforehand to ensure that people see it on time. And yes, you’ll have to schedule it so that the live video goes live exactly when you’re setting up, or buying the products, or whichever point you think will be the most effective. This also means you’ll have to plan the entire thing (at least briefly) beforehand so that you can effectively let your customers know about your upcoming live video and what they can look forward to.

2) Use live videos to promote your current and available stock

Most of the time, videos about products in stores are seen long after a particular promotional offer or sale is over. The sale in question is often shot and posted on social media. And, any customers who come afterward will find a different range of products to buy. With live videos, however, your store can broadcast live the process of you and your team setting up the store or even buying the products that are actually going to be on sale. And when customers visit your store in response to that live video, they’ll know what products to find.

3) Live videos mean customers can bid or reserve products online as well

You can even allow customers to reserve or bid for products in the comments if you wish. As in, you could put a stipulation that a product will be kept in reserve only for three hours from the posting of that comment. Or, if it’s a regular customer, you can simply hold it until they reach the store. Either way, such live videos will encourage customers to visit the store as soon as they view the video.

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2 Awesome Ways You Can Use Live Videos To Market Your Business

Live video

2 Awesome Ways You Can Use Live Videos To Market Your Business

As anyone who has seen too much of “YOLO” on the World Wide Web will know, the current market is all about the “now”. And in line with that trend, live videos can be a great sales and marketing technique for brands and businesses. All any business has to do is make use of live videos on social media (and their website) in a creative and eye-catching way.

If you’re new to using live videos, or are simply not quite sure how it might benefit your business, here are three great ways you can incorporate live videos into your brand’s marketing strategy:

1) Use live videos to answer questions about your products and services

There are a number of “how-to” and instructional videos on social media. And that’s a great marketing resource for any business. However, live videos can pull the same weight for your business, if not more. All you have to do is promote the fact that you will be having an instructional video or “how-to” video broadcasted live that will address a particular task or query. However, also ensure that you emphasize that customers can ask questions about your products and services as well when your video broadcast goes live.

2) Use live videos to create a reality show about your business

Reality shows are a big hit: This is obvious from the sheer number of reality shows one can find on any given channel today. And it’s likely that you’re a fan of one or more of these shows as well. So imagine the interest you’ll generate if your post regular live videos about the working of your business (as in, behind-the-scenes takes). In short, give your business your own reality show. For, even if people don’t want their own bakery (if that’s your business, for example), they’re interested in what goes on in there.

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Steps To Define A Custom Audience For Your Facebook Ad Based On Website Visitor Behaviour

facebook custom audiences

Steps To Define A Custom Audience For Your Facebook Ad Based On Website Visitor Behaviour

You can define a custom audience for your Facebook ad that is based on your website’s traffic and visitor behavior, if you have installed Facebook Pixel on your website. If you haven’t, you’d better hop to it. Whereas, if you have, here’s how you can customize your Facebook audience based on your web traffic:

Step 1

In the “Create a Custom Audience” window, under the “How do you want to create this audience?” section, choose the option “Website Traffic”. (This way, you’ll be able to create a list of people who contribute to your website’s traffic and page visits.)

Step 2

In the following “Create Audience Window”, set your audience targeting settings by selecting a “Website traffic” option from the list of drop-down options:

The “Anyone who visits your website” option will target anyone who has visited your website.

The “People who visit specific web pages” option or the “People who visit specific web pages but not others” option will let you target people who visit specific URLs, or follow specific URL rules and keywords. The main difference between these two options is that the latter option allows you to exclude people who visit specific URLs or follow certain URL rules and keywords as well.

The “People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time” option lets you target old visitors who have not revisited your website recently.

The “Based on time spent on your website” option is a fairly new targeting option. This option targets users who fall into the top 5%, 10%, and 25% of users who have spent the most amount of time on your website.

Finally, the “Custom combination” option allows you to target dynamic versions of your various customer lists. (For instance, you target visitors to your website who have actively purchased or signed up for stuff on your website in the more or less recent past.)

Step 3

Pick one of the above “Website traffic” options in Step 2, set up the targeting parameters you require for that option, and then you’re all set!

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Steps To Define Facebook Ad’s Customer List

Facebook customer list

Steps To Define Facebook  Ad’s Customer List

Selecting the right audience for your Facebook ad is crucial for the success of your ad and the potential conversions and sales you can achieve from it. Further, defining a custom audience for your Facebook ad will be a much better option than picking a general or over-large audience demographic for your ad.

One effective kind of custom audience you can select is by uploading your own list of customers or existing leads. And this option allows you to not only upload a CSV file of such leads, but you can also alternatively upload an email list from MailChimp.

Here’s what you need to do to define such a Facebook audience for your ad:

Step 1:

In the “Create a Custom Audience” window, under the “How do you want to create this audience?” section, select the option “Customer File”. (This option will allow you to upload a CSV file containing

Step 2:

Under “How do you want to add customers to this audience?”, you can either select the “Choose a file or copy and paste data” option or the “Import from MailChimp” option. (Choosing the “Choose a file or copy and paste data” allows you to either upload a CSV file or copy and paste the data of customer contacts. Choosing the “Import from MailChimp” option allows you to import an email list of contacts/customers from MailChimp.)

And then you’re all set!

[Note, however, that if you choose the “Choose a file or copy and paste data” option, your Facebook matches will be better if you add more identifiers such as zip codes, ages, phone numbers, emails, etc.]

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Why Is It A Good Idea To Verify Your Business Page On Facebook?

business page

Why Is It A Good Idea To Verify Your Business Page On Facebook?

The blue verification badge is a well-known sight for most Facebook users: It marks the Facebook pages that are the verified and authentic pages of public figures.

Similarly, it is possible to get a verification badge for your local business page on Facebook as well. The only difference is that this badge will be gray instead of blue. Now, you might wonder why this verification badge is necessary at all.

Well, just like the blue verification badge on Facebook celebrity pages, having a verification badge on your local business page will also give you a number of benefits on Facebook:

1) The gray badge adds a layer of authenticity to your business (just like the blue badge does for celebrity pages and public and global brands). Hence, customers are more likely to trust your page as being legitimate, and thereby be more confident in the fact that your posts and offers (and location) are valid.

2) The gray badge will help your Facebook business page appear (i.e., rank) higher in relevant search results.

3) Customers looking to engage with your business on Facebook will know they’ve come to the right place when they see the gray verification badge.

4) Clients and potential customers/fans will know all page updates are legitimate to the local business.

5) Imposter pages can be easily identified by your customers by the lack of gray verification badge.

Hence, if your local business page isn’t verified on Facebook yet, doing so should be high on your to-do list. The best part is that all you need is a phone number or official document that you can enter and upload in order to verify your page as the legitimate page for your business on Facebook.

[Note, however, that this feature for business page verification is not yet available on a global scale.]

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3 Tips For Twitter To Find More Potential Clients

Twitter Business Tips

3 Tips For Twitter To Find More Potential Clients

As a business, Twitter may seem like a limited resource to find new clients and prospects when compared to other social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. Especially since there is limited characters count to work with. But, when used right, Twitter can prove the “less is more” rule quite exceptionally.

In fact, here are three great ways to put your feelers out for customers and clients on Twitter:

1) Search Through Twitter’s Advanced Search Option

Believe it or not, a lot of people do post requirements on Twitter. The only thing you have to do is find them. For instance, an author might be bemoaning the fact that he/she can’t find anyone to illustrate her book cover in a tweet. It’s not a formal request for a designer, no. But it can work just as well. All you have to do is use Twitter Advanced Search to search for certain keywords, phrases, words, and even sentences in various orders and hashtags, and you’ll likely find a number of such tweets that are potential job opportunities. And once you find them, you simply have to tweet a reply to become part of that conversation. (You can even set up an email alert for such searches using IFTTT.)

2) Advertise your Services/Website by Offering Freebies and/or Giveaways Through Twitter Ads

Plan on having giveaways and freebies on your website that people will like having in return for them signing up on your website/blog via email. Then, use a Twitter Ad Campaign to promote this giveaway/freebie and direct people to your landing page. This way, you’ll have a great list of contacts who could soon become your customers.

3) Use Periscope to Chat Via Live Videos With Prospective Clients

Twitter’s mobile app now has Periscope for live-streaming videos on Twitter. You can use this feature to chat live with your customers and followers and likely encourage them to hire you for your services.

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