2 Tips On How You Can Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook ads

2 Tips On How You Can Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

It’s one thing to set up an ad campaign on Facebook for your product and/or business. But the real test is how well the ad performs and how many conversions it gets you. To aid you towards that end, here are two great tips to help your optimize your Facebook ad campaigns for the best performance and conversions it can achieve:

1) Use Audience Insights to Target Your Facebook Ads

Forget even when you’re creating an ad. Simply check out Audience Insights in order to learn more about your audience. Because, the truth is, the audience(s) that checks out your products are not always limited to the demographic that you think it is. Consequently, as Audience Insights reveal a large amount of data about your audience, you can use them to better target your ad and, in consequence, achieve more conversions with your ad campaign.

2) Your Ad Should Send “Clickers” to a Specified Landing Page

When an interested user clicks on your Facebook ad, it is not a smart move to send them to your website’s home page or a promotional page that further promotes your brand. If you do, chances are that the consumer will ignore the rest of your site and skip your website altogether without acting on your ad, even if they were interested in it.
Instead, you need to make it so that your ad (when clicked) sends the interested consumer to a landing page on your website that expands upon the ad that caught their interest, and then directs them to where they can sign up or purchase the product or service that your ad advertised. This way, the consumer gets to exactly where they need to go in order to react to your ad.
Thus, landing pages that have been optimized for your currently running ads are the best way to get the highest number of conversions on your Facebook ad campaign. (Also, make sure your landing page has a headline that’s been optimized for your ad as well, as that is the first thing your consumer will see and read when they are directed to that web page from your ad.)

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2 Steps To Take Before You Introduce Yourself To Traditional Media Influencers

Traditional Media

2 Steps To Take Before You Introduce Yourself To Traditional Media Influence’s

Do you remember the rule of you needing to catch a user’s attention in the first ten or twenty seconds of them seeing your content? Well, a media Influencer (even those ruling traditional media like TV, radio, and print) also decides whether or not to work with you within the first 10 to 20 seconds of contact. Hence, doing your groundwork before you contact an Influencer is important. So here’s what you need to prepare:

1) Keep Your Website Updated

Before you contact a media Influencer, check your website: Are there any broken links? Are all your pages full of updated content? Do your images need to be updated? Is your website responsive? And is your website copyright updated for the current year? If any of these aspects is amiss, fix it right away! You want to come across as professional and serious and savvy, after all. And any gaps in your website’s functionality will not help you make that impression.

2) Create a Great Cover Page for Your Twitter Account

Most traditional media Influencers can be found on Twitter. And hence, that’s a great place for you to reach out to such traditional media Influencers (especially journalists). But before you do that, just like your website’s functionality was important, your Twitter profile needs to be checked and spruced up too: Concentrate on creating an original cover page for your Twitter profile – one that is professional as well as representative of what your brand and business stands for. Also, keep your own photo on your Twitter profile instead of your logo (you can include the logo in your cover page instead if your wish). Media Influencers will be more inclined to work with you if they feel like they’re interacting with an actual person rather than a professional brand.


When you do make contact, don’t ever talk about why you need the media Influencer to sign off on you or what’s beneficial for you. You need to instead talk about what you’re offering them in terms of content.

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How To Use Pokémon Go To Boost Your Business’s Social Media Exposure?

Pokemon For Business

How To Use Pokémon Go To Boost Your Business’s Social Media Exposure?

Considering that the Pokémon Go game is easily topping Twitter and Facebook usage now, it would be absolutely criminal for businesses not to take advantage of this unique game’s popularity to help their own venues get a little more social media coverage. However, if you’re not quite sure how to do that, here are four easy ways your business can take advantage of Pokémon Go’s popularity:

1) Send invitations to users on your social media pages to come play at your business’s venue

Post invitations on your social media pages (like on your Facebook page, your Twitter feed, etc.) inviting users to catch Pokémon at the venue of your business. Even better, make the invite more appealing by offering prizes and discounts for their participation.

2) Ask users to tag your business with the pictures of the Pokémon they caught there

Tell players to post pictures on Facebook of the Pokémon they caught at your business, and tell them to tag your business with those pictures in order to receive prizes, offers, and discounts from your business. In fact, you can even offer higher discounts or better prizes to players who post such tagged photos publicly.

3) Offer players freebies for “Checking In” on Facebook while they play Pokémon Go at your business’s venue

Facebook “Check Ins” to your business from Pokémon Go players are another way that your business will gain more social media coverage. You can sweeten the deal by offering free Wi-Fi (or other kinds of freebies and benefits) to such players.

4) Offer discounts for the products that players post (and tag) with their Pokémon pictures on social media

You don’t have to limit it to Pokémon pictures. Encourage players to post pictures on social media of their captured Pokémon with the product(s) that they want to buy from your business (and to, of course, tag your business with those photos): Offer these players discounts on the products that feature in their Pokémon pictures.

Each of these methods will drastically increase your business’s social media coverage online, thanks to Pokémon Go’s immense popularity.

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