2 Ways To Sabotaging Your Facebook Business Page

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2 Ways To Sabotaging Your Facebook Business Page

So, you have a Facebook page and you’ve followed all the “suggestions” and “instructions” that are aplenty on the World Wide Web to make your Facebook business page successful. However, after the initial boost of your page’s engagement, your page is lagging or isn’t coming up to scratch.

If the above scenario seems to suit your situation, then the bad news is that your own actions (or inaction’s) might be sabotaging the potential of your Facebook business page. The good news, though, is that you can easily fix this problem. So see if you’ve been unintentionally dooming your Facebook page in the following ways:

1) The Sabotage: Being inactive on Facebook

Posting a lot of great content on Facebook and then leaving it be to garner likes and engagement on its own is not a good strategy. In fact, that’s the worst thing you can do.

The Fix:
If you don’t have regular content to post, then schedule posts so that they are evenly posted on Facebook (and prepare hash tags and name tags and content descriptions for these posts as may be necessary). And if you’re more active on Twitter or on a blog, then link your Facebook account to them so that every time you post a tweet or a blog post, the same is shared on your Facebook page as well.
But, no matter how you do it, ensure that you’re active on your Facebook page at least once a week (preferably more).

2) The Sabotage: Posting random and boring content

While posting unrelated content on your Facebook page once in a while (which means once in a blue moon) is acceptable, flooding your Facebook page with clickbait content and content that is uninteresting and not useful to your readers is a big no-no. Are you an automobile-related page? Then unless your post is about cars and limos used or hired at weddings and why, do not post wedding-related posts on such a page!

The Fix:
You don’t have to be unreasonably stringent to your niche. Humor and entertainment and emotional appeals are always welcome. But just make sure your posted content is in some way related to your page’s niche. After all, if you’re a dog owner (for example), wouldn’t you be irritated to join a page for dog-care and then be flooded by cat-care or mouse-care posts in your news feed?

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3 Steps To Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile in 2017

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3 Steps To Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile in 2017

Whether you own a company profile or an individual profile page on LinkedIn (or both), it’s very important to assess your profile every few months or so to make sure that everything is updated and as it should be on the profile. However, it’s even more imperative to audit your LinkedIn profile page now due to LinkedIn making changes to its user interface. For, now, you have to ensure that you’ve refreshed your profile to best suit the new look LinkedIn’s made for itself.

Here’s how you can (and should) duly refresh your LinkedIn profile:

1) Update Your Background Image

LinkedIn’s changed it’s background image dimensions, making it much narrower overall. Hence, it’s probably time to re-edit and update your LinkedIn profile’s background image based on these new dimensions. (For instance, you wouldn’t want your logo or new eBook to disappear from the background image; which it will if it has been positioned at the bottom of your old background image.) Other than that, if you’ve made changes to your brand, you should anyway update your background image to reflect those changes.

2) Check, Edit, and Update Your Web Links

Often times, an old website link you’ve included in your LinkedIn profile can disappear. This can either be an unforeseen effect of the changes LinkedIn made to its interface, or because an old edit wasn’t saved properly, or due to some other glitch. Whatever the reason, though, this makes it important that you check your LinkedIn profile’s URL links and make sure they’re still there. Plus, it’s a good idea to test these links to ensure they’re not broken. And you should edit these links if, for some reason, the landing page for that link has been changed.

3) Assess Your LinkedIn Company Page’s “About Us” Section

LinkedIn’s changes has made the “About Us” section of company pages the main eye-catching part of the page. Hence, ensure that you update this section to best present your brand and company. And, on your personal profile page, ensure that all your contact details are up-to-date.

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2 Ways To Narrow Down Your Social Media Target Audience

Social Media Ads

2 Ways To Narrow Down Your Social Media Target Audience

With social media being as vast and widely used as it is nowadays, getting your ad to be found by the right people on social media is more difficult to accomplish than before. Luckily, though, there’s a relatively simple solution to this problem: Narrow down your ad’s social media target audience. For, this will not only help you reach a narrower, more specific, and personalized consumer group, but it will also give you more to work with as you can now personalize your ad to suit this smaller target audience.

To that end, here are two practical ways you can specify your social media target audience to a narrower demographic:

1) Specify the Gender of Your Ad’s Target Audience

The gender of your business’s niche consumer group is a more important factor than one would think. In fact, it would be a good idea to conduct a thorough amount of research into your business to find out whether its males or females who are more prominent in using and buying your products and services. For, in many business marketing plans, a lot of the marketing strategy is targeted at males when their dominant customer group is actually female. Or else, you might be catering to your dominant gender group with your ad while utterly ignoring the other gender group, even though your product and/or service is equally saleable to that other gender group.

2) Include More Specific Demographic Data to Narrow Down Your Ad’s Target Audience

Specifying certain professional designations in your ad’s target audience settings (like lawyer, doctor, teacher, etc.), or even specifying certain interests in your ad’s targeting options (like cooking, gardening, movies, etc.) will get you a more specific target niche for your ads on social media. Even making a separate, more personalized ad for each demographic characteristic you specify will get you better results.

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2 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Using Emojis On Social Media


2 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Using Emojis On Social Media

So you’ve set up the required social media accounts you need for your business and you’re interacting with your customers and posting as you should. That’s great. But one feature of social media that most businesses generally avoid using is emojis.

Of course, there are reasons for that: Emojis might not suit the message or image of your brand that you’re trying to communicate. Emojis might look childish and far too informal for a business or brand’s account. And besides, your business had engaged fine on social media so far without using emojis, so why change something that doesn’t need fixing?

Well, here are two solid reasons why you should consider using emojis on social media in 2017:

1) They make social media conversations and posts more personal and conversational

Social media is a platform for conversations, discussions, and social interaction in general. In a sense, social media is like the physical social centers/platforms that existed when the Internet didn’t exist yet and long distance communication was still tedious and/or expensive (think marriage halls, reunions, marketplaces, and the like). The only difference now is that communication is virtual and from behind screens. But the basic purpose of a social platform hasn’t changed; and that means personal interaction.

On top of that, customers and users are looking to have more personal interactions with the brands and businesses they engage with. And that need for personal and personalized conversations on social media reached an all-time high last year.

On that count, using emojis actually helps your business appear more human and less automated-branding-mechanism – which is what your brand and business should look like on social media.

2) Emojis can enhance your social media message much more effectively, and with less character counts and content

A picture is worth a thousand words, and an emoji or two can enhance your social media post much more effectively than text alone could do. Emojis are especially effective in social media platforms like Twitter too, where character counts are limited per post.

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Smart Ways To Make The Most Of Popular Social Media Posts


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Smart Ways To Make The Most Of Popular Social Media Posts

Social media is an influential platform to reach out to your users but it is also a challenge to create engaging content at regular intervals. It is time consuming and also demands creativity. Nevertheless, by repurposing the popular content from one media platform to another, one can easily increase the user engagement and that too without putting efforts into creating fresh content. So, here are five fabulous ways through which you can do so.

1. Transform popular Facebook posts into videos or blog posts

The Facebook posts that get hundreds of likes and comments are the ones that generally contain opinion, information and deep research. You can elaborate upon them to create blog posts and if the material is sufficient, you can also make videos. The insight tool of Facebook will tell you about the posts that have been popular.

2. Turn tweets into graphics

You can repost popular tweets on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. You can also paste the tweet on an image and retweet it. Tools such as Adobe Spark, Buffer’s Pablo and Canva can be useful in this regard. As for finding the popular tweets, you can see them in the Analytics dashboard.

3. Pin a popular Instagram photo on Pinterest

You can turn viral photos from Instagram into pins to gain extra traffic. All you have to do is upload the photo to a relevant page on your site and then attach the Pinterest URL with the image.

4. Use posts and quotes on SlideShare

SlideShare thrives on slide presentations and you can easily make use of well-received tweets and statistics to reach out to around 70 million users.

5. Make use of Twitter Moment

Twitter Moments is a new storytelling feature from Twitter that lets you combine and reshare top tweets at a single place. It was launched in October 2016 and offers to be a fantastic platform to repurpose popular content.

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Fresh Updates From Social Media Platforms In 2017

social media platforms 2017

Fresh Updates From Social Media Platforms In 2017

2017 is here. More than a fortnight has passed and if one looks at the social media scenario, one would find that there is much to feel happy about. The various social media channels have rolled out new updates and these include features and facilities that are sure to bring a smile on the face of businesses. So, here is taking a look at the various goodies.

1. Instagram Launches Insights & Analytics In Business Tools

In the coming weeks, Instagram business tools will come loaded with analytics that will tell you about impressions, replies, reach and exits. Also, businesses will be able to run full-screen ads in stories and it will utilize the analytics capabilities of the photo sharing platform. The feature is currently on trial with some global brands but will roll out soon.

2. Facebook Allows Live Broadcast From Desktop

Now one can go live on a Facebook page using the web browser from a desktop. Also, video metrics will be available for public videos hosted by profiles with 5,000 or more followers along with comment pinning. Lastly, the Live Contributor role in pages now allows admins to permit specific individuals to go live on behalf of a page and stream live content from a mobile device.

3. Twitter To Bring A New Version Of Its Dashboard App

Twitter will close its Dashboard from 3 February but it will bring a new feature in its place that will have the best of Dashboard and much more.

4. Facebook To Expand Dynamic AD Format

The new update lets advertisers target more audience and reach out to even those who are interested in the product of the company. This is to say businesses can even target those who have not necessarily looked at the product online but have searched for similar items on different websites.

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4 Tips To Generate Facebook Lookalike Audiences For Effective Marketing

facebook lookalike audience

4 Tips To Generate Facebook Lookalike Audiences For Effective Marketing

Facebook has proven to be a great platform for businesses looking to attract and create customers. It is easy to reach out to consumers with the ads of this social networking site and one can gain more customers by building lookalike audiences. Facebook Lookalike audience refers to those users that come forward as an advanced targeting option for the Facebook ads. They are not restricted by basic interest and demographic targeting functionality. They are built with the help of existing customers. With them, you can easily find the ideal customer. So, here are the tricks through which you can do so.

1. Build email list lookalike audiences

Emails are still an effective marketing tool and you can create a Facebook customer list by navigating to the Audiences dashboard. Click Create Audience, select Custom Audience, select customer file and add your email data. Then map your identifiers, upload the list and create a lookalike audience.

2. Set up video lookalike audiences

Videos are the most popular content and you can create custom video audience by opening Facebook Ads Manager, navigating to the Audiences dashboard. Click menu button and then All Tools. Click Create Audience, select Custom Audience, Engagement on Facebook, video, engagement criteria and then you can build lookalike audiences at various engagement levels.

3. Create conversion lookalike audience

This way you can find new target audiences who have participated in a conversion event but you need to have conversion tracking installed beforehand. Follow the above steps and choose the event you want to create the audience from and you are done. You will receive notification once it is created.

4. Build page likes lookalike audience

Easiest to build, this does not even require you to first create a custom audience as the source audience. Just go to Audiences dashboard, select your page name from the Source drop-down list and create a lookalike audience box.

The thing you need to always bear in mind is that the larger the sample size i.e. the source audience the better your lookalike audience will be.

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Why Snapchat Could Be An Awesome Customer Support Tool For Your Business?

Snapchat for business

Why Snapchat Could Be An Awesome Customer Support Tool For Your Business?

Snapchat conversations may only be available for 24 hours. But that shouldn’t stop you from using Snapchat for customer support services. Here’s why:

1) The 24-hour time limit doesn’t matter when it comes to customer support

If you think about it, the 24-hour time limit for Snapchat content makes it practically made for customer queries and responses. After all, the customer is expecting instant responses to their questions and one hour should be the maximum any customer support team should take to answer a query. In that way, using Snapchat for customer support purposes ensures that your business responds quickly and effectively to any customer’s complaint or query.

2) You can keep negative comments and conversations private on Snapchat

While your company’s Snapchat profile is public (it has to be for customers to be able to contact you), you can respond to the complaints or queries from your customers via private conversations.

3) Your customer support team can use video chats to solve problems

When problems and questions are tricky to explain or understand via text or audio/phone instructions, Snapchat’s video chats can save the day. All you’d need to do is send a text message to your customer to confirm a time and date when you both can video chat.

4) You have the option of answering queries on Snapchat via text, phone calls, audio recordings, videos, and video chats

A lot of websites allow you to chat with, send an email to, or call a customer care representative if you have a query. Snapchat offers all of those features for your business, as well as video chat, video posting, phone calling, and audio recording features.
(To be clear, the audio recording feature allows you to leave a voice message for your customer if they are not online at the moment you make the call.)

5) You can post 10-second video tutorials or demos for common customer queries

When a common query keeps popping up, one way you can solve it is to post a video demo or video tutorial on Snapchat that addresses that query.

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IFTTT: The Superb Social Media Marketing Solution


IFTTT: The Superb Social Media Marketing Solution

Social media marketing involves many tasks and that too on various social media platforms. It can be quite time-taking but not when you are registered with IFTTT. Wondering what it is? Well, IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” and is an application that lets you automate your social media tasks in simple steps.

It is aligned with more than 700 services including the bigger names like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and many more. All you have to do is create an applet i.e. the automated action that will be performed as and according to the trigger and action mentioned in the Applet. So, here are the ways to use applets to accomplish social media tasks.

1. To share engaging content

You can share a good piece of content on multiple social media platforms by finding the RSS feed of the said platform and using IFTTT’s RSS service as the trigger to distribute content on your social media accounts as well as other blogs.

2. To share positive customer reviews

Glowing words from customers go a long way in increasing sales as well as establishing your brand. So, you can create applets to share a positive customer experience to different social media platforms.

3. To keep an eye on competitor posts

The stiff competition out there demands one to be on one’s toes always and applets can be helpful in this regard as you can create alerts for posts and tweets from competitors. This way you can ensure that you are not left behind and are always at the forefront.

4. To know about the people tweeting in your area

You can direct people to your business website and grow your audience if you are aware that people are tweeting in your area. This works best for local businesses. All you have to do is create IFTTT alerts for the people tweeting in your area.

5. To assign tasks to team members

Applets can be used to alert a person or even an app to get a task done. For ex, your applet can send the latest tweets to a specific group to capitalize on it or on the keywords in the tweet.

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4 Awesome Social Media Channels To Promote Your Products

ecommerce social media

4 Awesome  Social Media Channels To Promote Your Products

In the present age, social media is no less than a blessing for businesses looking to make their mark. It offers to be a cost-effective and influential platform that can help in marketing the product as well as building a brand that will sustain the numerous challenges the current business environment poses. So, here are 4 social media channels and the ways through which you can promote your products like a pro.

1. Incorporate links with your products in Instagram stories

The popular photo sharing site lets you include links and mentions in your stories which can also bring in customers. All you have to do is activate the link icon which you can find by going to the Instagram home screen and tapping Add Story at the top left. If linking feature is not enabled you can ally with publishers who have similar audiences or work with influencers.

2. Showcase products on Pinterest

A cousin of Instagram, Pinterest allows you to display your products and to set up a showcase, just go to your page and click the red Add button lying above Build Your Showcase. You can now see the Edit showcase window with five slots. Choose the boards you want to feature and you are done.

3. Get your estore on Facebook

With StoreYa plugin, you can easily import your online store to Facebook. It supports 30 eCommerce platforms. All you have to do is install the plugin and then click the WooCommerce tab and click Settings. Click Connect Facebook Fan Page and your store will be imported.

4. Build up Snapchat stories

This one is a little different. You have to reinforce the brand message and generate interest in your products by weaving a story that makes an impact on digital viewers. You can try using your products as gifts to strike an emotional chord with the customers.

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