The Truth About Web Content & Web Audiences Short Attention Spans


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The Truth About Web Content & Web Audiences Short Attention Spans

We have all heard the observation that web audiences have short attention spans and that therefore writing on the Internet should be as short as possible. Now, this is an important factor when it comes to  SEO, because it is not only influences the length of our web content, but also, to a point, how much information we put into the post.

Google’s recent algorithm changes to its search engine, has made our decisions for content formation more important than ever before. For Google isn’t looking much for keywords and links anymore. Rather, it is more interested in content quality, user satisfaction, and how much useful information a post imparts to its audience. And, considering this, the more practical way to go is to have longer content with more information in it. However, that also goes against the “short attention span” we’ve been told we must cater to on the Web.

Only, it doesn’t. For we’ve long been greatly misinterpreting the term and our web audiences:

An audience with a short attention span doesn’t actually mean they are incapable of paying attention for a longer span of time than a few seconds or minutes. Rather, it means that they’re not willing to wait for the writer to get to the point while they beat around the bush. However, if you start your content in a way that catches their interest, and give clear and relevant information as your content unfolds, then your web audience’s attention will not waver.

Of course, this means that your content shouldn’t ramble on with no point or end in sight. And you definitely need to make sure that your content doesn’t repeat itself unnecessarily or keep making the same point. But, if you shave off the extra and unnecessary bits, provide the information you intended, organize your points to flow smoothly and evenly, and format your content into small paragraphs that are easy to swallow and comprehend, then it doesn’t matter how big your post is; you’ll find ample readers and traffic.

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