Why Quizzes Are a Better Than Webinars?


Why Quizzes Are a Better Than Webinars?

If you’re a fan of Webinars, don’t fret. Webinars still have their place on your website. Just don’t use them for online marketing purposes and you’re as good as gold.

The fact is, while Webinars were a great thing in the past, in today’s world of fast-paced movement, Webinars are rather slow and irritating. And here’s why:

Webinars have to be viewed live

Everyone has a schedule, and everyone is busy nowadays. So, can you consider how irritating it would be to fix a time in their schedule for your website’s webinar with no hope of being able to juggle it? Now, the webinar might have been a priority if you were a having a specialized meeting that everyone saw why they must attend, or if you were hosting a training session or class that your viewers had signed up for. But for marketing purposes? To expand your brand’s awareness? Nope. Your webinar will not be a priority in that case.

A marketing related webinar is a generalized session

The truth is, your marketing related webinar is probably giving a bunch of different viewers (both those whom you invited and those who finally attend) a very generalized piece of information that they might have never opted to look or otherwise. Your information is most likely to be generic, or something that only remotely touches on your many individual viewers’ specialized interests. Hence, unless you have incredible skills as an orator and are capable of keeping your audience hanging on to every word, you’ll lose most of them within the first minute.

How quizzes are more effective

Quizzes are bite-sized pieces of info with options that audiences simply have to click on to choose one. Plus, they can take it any time they want and can skim through the quiz quickly. It’s great for you as well as you get the information you require without all the setup a webinar would have needed.

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11 SEO Tips For E-commerce Websites

eCommerce seo tips

11 SEO Tips For E-commerce Websites

E-commerce is one of the most promising niches in the web industry with huge growth potential but it is also the most challenging. This is particularly true with respect to SEO strategies because unlike other regular sites and blogs, the e-commerce sites offer limited content ideas, have less scope for backlinks and their pages are also huge in number and thus, optimization becomes a tough task. Nevertheless, it can be achieved if you utilize these tips.

1.Focus on garnering more customer reviews as it enhances your credibility in the eyes of search engines.

2.Write unique product descriptions and check for content duplication as there are lots of similar products on your site.

3.Work on the keywords and strategize on selective keywords for each landing page.

4.Have user-friendly permalinks and regularly post fresh content on the homepage and in the blog section.

5.Pay attention to internal linking with respect to related products, comparison pages, popular products, most sold and product categories.

6.Check your site for speed. The loading time should not be more than 4 seconds.

7.Make sure the site architecture is user friendly. The navigation, search and purchase procedure for customers should be easygoing and simple. Also, give out correct address and contact details.

8.Promote your products on video sites like Vimeo, YouTube and images sites such as Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, etc.

9.Publicize events and news related to your new product launches, sales, special offers, etc. with the help of press releases and news submission sites.

10.Be active on question answer forums and work on engaging existing as well as potential customers on social media. This can be achieved with quizzes and contests.

11.Go for guest blogging and do submit your products on Google product search.

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