How Google Analytics Helps You Evaluate Your Audience?

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How Google Analytics Helps You Evaluate Your Audience?

Google Analytics is free to set up. And with social media ads and marketing campaigns ruling the marketing channels right now, you will need to use Google Analytics to better evaluate your audience. Here are the two main things that you can and should use Google Analytics for in order to better understand your audience:

1) Learn the Components that Form Your Audience

Google Analytics can tell you what groups of people and what demographics actually make up your audience – like age, geographical location, gender, etc. Plus, Google Analytics not only tells you how many people and what kind of audiences actually visit your website, but it also tells you what and how such users were driven to your website in the first place. From here, analyzing your audience by age, gender, and even geo location, is the most optimum way to analyze who you are targeting and how to get more from those groups to interact with your website. You can find these kinds of data in the “Demographics” and “Geo” sections of Google Analytics (both of which can be found in the “Audience” section).

2) Learn about Your Most Effective Social Media Channels

Depending on your social media channels, the kinds of updates, posts, and ad campaigns you share, and the main purpose (i.e., product, service, or cause) of your brand, some social media channels will be more effective than others. In simpler terms, this means that some of your social media accounts can drive more traffic to your website than others. This data can be found if you click on the “Acquisition” section, then click on “All Traffic” and then “Channels”.

Finally, use this data from Google analytics to tweak and improve your social media strategy as needed or desired. (For instance, if you see Facebook’s channel as your primary referral source, focus more on that channel to attract your main type of audience to your website.)

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How To Improve Local SEO Via Online Reviews?

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How To Improve Local SEO Via Online Reviews

If you run a local business, one of the best returns you can get from your customers is good reviews. Now, of course, for a good review, you must have good products and services. But once you’ve mastered that bit, and you know your customers are happy, the best way to take advantage of your customers’ satisfaction is to nudge them into giving reviews about your business.

Now, these reviews can be Google+ reviews, Facebook reviews, or even twitter reviews: It doesn’t matter where these reviews are posted; all that matters is that these good reviews are posted online in a public forum in connection with your business. And, don’t fall into the pit of thinking that the higher number of reviews you get, the better your local search rankings will be. Sure, your rankings will improve, especially if your competitors don’t have the local SEO advantage of online reviews. But more than the number of reviews you have in relation to your site, it’s the higher rated reviews that will do the trick. There’s no need to fret about it though; the main aim is to get as many good reviews as possible, no matter the number of them you receive.

Of course, the tricky part is actually getting reviews. But contrary to what you might think, customers are usually happy to give reviews as long as they’re reminded and/or nudged into doing so immediately after they use your product or service; that is when their experience and opinion is most fresh in their minds.

In case you find getting reviews from your customers tricky without an incentive, you can easily give them a nudge by offering coupons, an extra service, or a discount for the next time they visit in return for a review. In fact, give your reviewers a simple mention of thanks on your local business’s Facebook page and you’ll often have loyal customers for life.

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Importance of SEO

SEO Importance

Importance of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the holy grail of online marketing and every website requires it to make an impact. So, it is important that it is implemented in the right manner and in the right order by the right person. This is to say that one should give it due attention right from the beginning. Many a time, it happens that site owners spend a fortune in creating that sexy site and then proceed to SEO, forgetting the fact that to getbest results, SEO has to be included from the start. Of course, an SEO analyst can get things sorted after the die has been cast but it would mean more work and more expenses. Read more