Facebook & Twitter Remarketing To Increase Website’s Traffic

Facebook Twitter Remarketing

Facebook  & Twitter Remarketing To Increase Website’s Traffic

Ever visited a website at random, read through and enjoyed some of their posts, and then you visited your Facebook account to find that posts from that website keep showing up as you browse through posts on Facebook? Or perhaps you clicked on one kind of post on Facebook itself, and although the website posts other subject categories of posts too, you keep seeing more posts about the kind of topic you visited more than the others?

Well, that bit of marketing ingenuity is thanks to the Facebook tracking pixel that was probably installed on the website you visited. This tracking pixel then keeps remarketing similar posts from that website to you on Facebook. And a website can install a tracking pixel for twitter too.

So, if you want to increase your website’s traffic, an easy way to accomplish this is by installing a tracking pixel for Facebook and Twitter on your website. This way, you can remarket your posts to those who have visited your website on Facebook and Twitter afterwards, which will most likely get you more post clicks and, consequently, more site traffic.

And of course, let’s not forget that if any of these visitors like or share your post, friends and followers from each of your website visitors’ will most likely see the posts as well, which will most probably lead to them visiting your website if they see a topic that intrigues them. And then the tracking pixel will do its work for you again; and the remarketing process for your website continues. (You’ve got to love social media!)
Still, do remember that this is a technique to help you increase your website’s traffic by remarketing to your website’s visitors and subscribers or followers on Facebook and Twitter. It’s not an umbrella method for online marketing. Simply one method for it!

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Demystifying Keywords for SEO in 2016

Demystifying SEO Keywords

Demystifying Keywords for SEO in 2016

With the year 2016 well underway now, we’re slowly untangling which SEO predictions made for 2016 is turning out to be true, and which ones are not. Still, the number of varying and sometimes contradictory predictions made about SEO was highly confusing. And, one of the main debates regarding SEO in 2016 were regarding the use of keywords. Read more

The Truth About Web Content & Web Audiences Short Attention Spans


content & Audience

The Truth About Web Content & Web Audiences Short Attention Spans

We have all heard the observation that web audiences have short attention spans and that therefore writing on the Internet should be as short as possible. Now, this is an important factor when it comes to  SEO, because it is not only influences the length of our web content, but also, to a point, how much information we put into the post.

Google’s recent algorithm changes to its search engine, has made our decisions for content formation more important than ever before. For Google isn’t looking much for keywords and links anymore. Rather, it is more interested in content quality, user satisfaction, and how much useful information a post imparts to its audience. And, considering this, the more practical way to go is to have longer content with more information in it. However, that also goes against the “short attention span” we’ve been told we must cater to on the Web.

Only, it doesn’t. For we’ve long been greatly misinterpreting the term and our web audiences:

An audience with a short attention span doesn’t actually mean they are incapable of paying attention for a longer span of time than a few seconds or minutes. Rather, it means that they’re not willing to wait for the writer to get to the point while they beat around the bush. However, if you start your content in a way that catches their interest, and give clear and relevant information as your content unfolds, then your web audience’s attention will not waver.

Of course, this means that your content shouldn’t ramble on with no point or end in sight. And you definitely need to make sure that your content doesn’t repeat itself unnecessarily or keep making the same point. But, if you shave off the extra and unnecessary bits, provide the information you intended, organize your points to flow smoothly and evenly, and format your content into small paragraphs that are easy to swallow and comprehend, then it doesn’t matter how big your post is; you’ll find ample readers and traffic.

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How To Improve Local SEO Via Online Reviews?

SEO customer review

How To Improve Local SEO Via Online Reviews

If you run a local business, one of the best returns you can get from your customers is good reviews. Now, of course, for a good review, you must have good products and services. But once you’ve mastered that bit, and you know your customers are happy, the best way to take advantage of your customers’ satisfaction is to nudge them into giving reviews about your business.

Now, these reviews can be Google+ reviews, Facebook reviews, or even twitter reviews: It doesn’t matter where these reviews are posted; all that matters is that these good reviews are posted online in a public forum in connection with your business. And, don’t fall into the pit of thinking that the higher number of reviews you get, the better your local search rankings will be. Sure, your rankings will improve, especially if your competitors don’t have the local SEO advantage of online reviews. But more than the number of reviews you have in relation to your site, it’s the higher rated reviews that will do the trick. There’s no need to fret about it though; the main aim is to get as many good reviews as possible, no matter the number of them you receive.

Of course, the tricky part is actually getting reviews. But contrary to what you might think, customers are usually happy to give reviews as long as they’re reminded and/or nudged into doing so immediately after they use your product or service; that is when their experience and opinion is most fresh in their minds.

In case you find getting reviews from your customers tricky without an incentive, you can easily give them a nudge by offering coupons, an extra service, or a discount for the next time they visit in return for a review. In fact, give your reviewers a simple mention of thanks on your local business’s Facebook page and you’ll often have loyal customers for life.

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Why Good Site Structure Is Essential For Good SEO?

Website Structure

Why Good Site Structure Is Essential For Good SEO?

With website design having so many different design variables and software applications available today, one might think site structure is easy to organize. But surprisingly – and mainly due to this belief that it is “automatic” or “easy” – a website’s structure and navigational organization is often one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO.

Now, considering the range of structures that websites can use today, we aren’t stating that one website structure is better than another. Rather, we’re trying to drive home the fact that a careful, deliberate, and logical organization of your website will do wonders to enhance your site’s SEO and consequent rank on relevant search engine listings. Read more

How To Optimize Your Website URL?



How To Optimize Your Website URL?

One would think that, with the URL(s) of a website being its web address, that people would pay more attention to it. However, statistics and a variety of examples on the World Wide Web show that this is often the most overlooked aspect about a website when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And this oversight remains even if you have been careful in deciding your website’s master URL.

Let’s take a common example to explain why optimizing your website’s URL for search engines is important: You blog. Now here, not only does your blog have a common URL address, but each and every post and link in your blog has a URL address of its own. So it’s prudent to ensure that all these URLs are optimized for searches. And the easiest way to do that is to keep two main points in mind:

1) Don’t Use Special Characters in the URL

Don’t use the “&” symbol or any other special characters as part of any URL address on your website if you can help it. Use letters, numbers, and hyphens instead; those are fine. However, including any other special character in the URL will only make it less likely to list on search result pages, as it is harder and trickier for search engines to crawl through those URL addresses effectively. (In simpler terms, search engines work better at crawling through and matching words, numbers, and hyphens to the appropriate keywords in web searches. Special characters, on the other hand, throw them off.)

2) Avoid Conjunctions in the URL

Most of the time, URL’s are formed based on our headings (in the case of blog posts, for example). Which is fine. But the URL would be better optimized if you avoided conjunctions and prepositions like “but”, “and”, “on”, “to”, etc. – unless they are very pertinently necessary as a keyword or searchable term.

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How to Make Google’s New Search Algorithm Changes Work for You?

SEO Updates

How to Make Google’s New Search Algorithm Changes Work for You?

Google’s recent (and, rumored to be still ongoing) Panda & Penguin updates in its algorithm have certainly sent the SEO world into a tizzy. All the old SEO tricks are slowly being hacked away to pieces. And SEO “tricks” in general seem to be on it’s way to extinction. And just to be clear, we’re talking about the old tricks where content was saturated with keywords, websites and blogs generously guest posted on other websites and blogs and vice versa, and sites had plenty of inbound links interacting with their own content on different web pages on their site.

Well, as hard as this may sound, Google’s search algorithm changes can actually be used to your advantage. The only difference is that, more than SEO “tricks”, you’ll be concentrating on optimizing your actual content. And here’s how: Read more

3 SEO Tips To Boost YouTube Ranking

youtube seo

3 SEO Tips To Boost YouTube Ranking

It’s not just content and images that can benefit from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but also videos. And, considering how visually-oriented today’s audiences are, optimizing your YouTube videos for search engines is more important now than it ever was before.
Now, considering the YouTube is the big Kahuna of all things video-related on the Internet, it makes sense that what you should be concentrating on is boosting your video(s)’ ranking on YouTube. So, now that we’ve established why boosting your YouTube rankings is important, let’s check out the ways in which to do so:

1) Use Keywords in the Video Tags

Use video keywords in your video tags. These will help Google find them and list them on their search engine. Be extensive, and choose keywords that suit your video; don’t just write whatever is popular at the moment. This will help your video rank in both Google and YouTube listings.

2) Use Long Video Descriptions

Writing online might follow the principle of being concise. But it’s better if you forego that rule when it comes to video descriptions. Your description does not have to go on for pages. But make it descriptive and long enough to fit in as much information about the video as you can. Try to work pertinent keywords into your video description as well. This will help YouTube rank and pull your video for those related searches faster and better.

3) Cross-Post Your Video(s) on Social Media and on Your Website

Don’t just upload your videos on YouTube and think your done with it. You’ll need to share those videos on your social media accounts (such as Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.) as well as on your website. The more possible places it’s posted, the better the chances are that it will be watched, and, consequently, the better it will be ranked.

Follow these tips, and your YouTube videos will have much better visibility.

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Everything You Need To Know About White Hat SEO

white hat seo

Everything You Need To Know About White Hat SEO

“White Hat SEO” is a specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terminology that relates to SEO practices that are “white” or ethical.

White Hat SEO

Now, before we explain further about what “White Hat SEO” is, let’s establish some background information: First, you should know that online search engines have rules and policies with regards to SEO. These rules and policies are in place to ensure that the online content search engines index and produce for users is relevant and user-friendly. In other words, these SEO-related rules and policies try to make sure that users aren’t lead to completely irrelevant content from what they had been looking for. And White Hat SEO is SEO techniques and practices that follow these rules and guideline. This is why White Hat SEO is also known as Ethical SEO.

Relevant content

Ethical SEO or White Hat SEO focuses on relevant content, the “human” online audience, and organic reach and ranking. To explain: relevant content refers to content creation that is actually unique, useful, and related to what users want to read and can gain information from. Such content is created and aimed at the “human” online audience, meaning that the content is optimized for the users’ benefit rather than just for the sake of search engine rankings. And, the content is optimized to reach as many users as possible organically or naturally; or, in other words, by not using paid SEO.


1) The benefit of White Hat SEO is that you’re in it for the long-haul.
2) You don’t have to fear search engines banning your site or lowering your rank.
3) Users trust your content and will refer back to it. And your reputation is solidified and carried forward for years to come.

Of course, this does not mean that you don’t try to market your page or that you don’t use SEO methods to gain more traffic. It just means that your SEO methods are ethical.

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3 Best Free SEO Tools

SEO Tools

3 Best Free SEO Tools

The modern Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) has a lot to contend with. For, if a popular search engine algorithm isn’t changing one moment, then new web tools (for digital marketing) are coming into existence in another moment. So, suffice to say that a digital marketer or an SEO will constantly find himself or herself in the position of changing their SEO tactics in order to keep up with the changing digital marketing trends. And that’s precisely the scenario with digital marketing right at this moment: For SEO has shifted from being a technique to optimize website content for search engine visibility to a technique to optimize user experience. And that’s not even considering the fact that more and more analytical and insight web are coming up in the market – tools that digital marketers need to keep up with to stay competent in the field. Read more