A Brief Comparison Of Twitter Ads Against Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads vs Twitter Ads

A Brief Comparison Of Twitter Ads Against Facebook Ads

For any business, advertising on social media is a necessity rather than just an option. However, considering the various types of social media platforms out there – and considering that your budget might not be able to accommodate all of them – it can be a trite difficult to decide which social media form of advertising would best suit your brand and business.

The first impression is that Facebook leads the pack when it comes to advertising on social media. However, before you decide on an advertising platform, it’s a good idea to compare and contrast two or more social media platforms before making your decision. And, that’s exactly what we’re going to do here (albeit picking just two social media sites for comparison); we’re going to compare Facebook ads and Twitter ads.


Facebook ads can be posted both on Facebook’s timeline as well as on the right side-bar of the site.

On Twitter, all ads are posted right on the Twitter timeline.


Facebook ads are more expensive due to the high demand of such ads, and thus have a lower supply of ad space at a time.

Twitter ads are comparatively less expensive to post as this social media platform (comparatively) has much more ad space.


Facebook ads are pretty complex as their interface has the habit of changing as well. This offers more options to the advertisers.

However, Twitter ads are relatively much simpler and easier to set up, as Twitter’s interface has never changed. And this lack of complexity in set up can be a boon too.

Whichever platform you choose for your ads in the end, considering the comparisons and contrasts between the various social media platforms will only be beneficial. For instance, when you need more complex features for your ads and have the budget to support it, Facebook ads would be the better choice. However, if all you need is a simple ad and more engagement, a Twitter ad will suffice just as well.

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4 Great Social Media Apps To Use With Slack


4 Great Social Media Apps To Use With Slack

As a social media marketer, chances are that you’re already using Slack to collaborate online with your team members. If you haven’t heard of Slack before though, Slack is a cloud-based teamwork software. And you should seriously consider using this software to collaborate with your team: The list of social media tools you can use to customize Slack (for online marketing) is incredible and a real boon to online marketers.

And that’s what this post’s really about: The great ways in which you can use various social media customizations with Slack that assist you in your marketing strategies. And here are four of those awesome ways:

1) Nuzzel with Slack will Get You Popular Content in Your Channel

Integrating Nuzzel with Slack will bring you notifications of your favorite kinds of news feeds right through a Slack channel. (It works by drawing data from your Facebook and Twitter news feeds, which are based on your preferences and interests.)

2) RSS Feeds with Slack will Get You Updates from All of Your Subscribed RSS Feeds

As with the other social media tools, that you integrated with Slack, integrating your RSS feeds (i.e., your RSS subscriptions) with Slack will get you all the new updates posted right in a Slack channel.

3) Giphy with Slack will Help You Find GIFs Easily on Slack

The Giphy customization is a must-have on Slack with today’s video-obsessed audience. For, it allows you to post great GIFs without even changing your platform from Slack.

4) The Urban App with Slack will Make You an Expert on Urban Slang

Ever seen something online and wondered what on earth it meant? Well, now, you can easily check any kind of slang and informal lingo out on Slack with the “Urban” app from Urban dictionary.
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