Steps To Define Facebook Ad’s Customer List

Facebook customer list

Steps To Define Facebook  Ad’s Customer List

Selecting the right audience for your Facebook ad is crucial for the success of your ad and the potential conversions and sales you can achieve from it. Further, defining a custom audience for your Facebook ad will be a much better option than picking a general or over-large audience demographic for your ad.

One effective kind of custom audience you can select is by uploading your own list of customers or existing leads. And this option allows you to not only upload a CSV file of such leads, but you can also alternatively upload an email list from MailChimp.

Here’s what you need to do to define such a Facebook audience for your ad:

Step 1:

In the “Create a Custom Audience” window, under the “How do you want to create this audience?” section, select the option “Customer File”. (This option will allow you to upload a CSV file containing

Step 2:

Under “How do you want to add customers to this audience?”, you can either select the “Choose a file or copy and paste data” option or the “Import from MailChimp” option. (Choosing the “Choose a file or copy and paste data” allows you to either upload a CSV file or copy and paste the data of customer contacts. Choosing the “Import from MailChimp” option allows you to import an email list of contacts/customers from MailChimp.)

And then you’re all set!

[Note, however, that if you choose the “Choose a file or copy and paste data” option, your Facebook matches will be better if you add more identifiers such as zip codes, ages, phone numbers, emails, etc.]

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