Steps To Define A Custom Audience For Your Facebook Ad Based On Website Visitor Behaviour

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Steps To Define A Custom Audience For Your Facebook Ad Based On Website Visitor Behaviour

You can define a custom audience for your Facebook ad that is based on your website’s traffic and visitor behavior, if you have installed Facebook Pixel on your website. If you haven’t, you’d better hop to it. Whereas, if you have, here’s how you can customize your Facebook audience based on your web traffic:

Step 1

In the “Create a Custom Audience” window, under the “How do you want to create this audience?” section, choose the option “Website Traffic”. (This way, you’ll be able to create a list of people who contribute to your website’s traffic and page visits.)

Step 2

In the following “Create Audience Window”, set your audience targeting settings by selecting a “Website traffic” option from the list of drop-down options:

The “Anyone who visits your website” option will target anyone who has visited your website.

The “People who visit specific web pages” option or the “People who visit specific web pages but not others” option will let you target people who visit specific URLs, or follow specific URL rules and keywords. The main difference between these two options is that the latter option allows you to exclude people who visit specific URLs or follow certain URL rules and keywords as well.

The “People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time” option lets you target old visitors who have not revisited your website recently.

The “Based on time spent on your website” option is a fairly new targeting option. This option targets users who fall into the top 5%, 10%, and 25% of users who have spent the most amount of time on your website.

Finally, the “Custom combination” option allows you to target dynamic versions of your various customer lists. (For instance, you target visitors to your website who have actively purchased or signed up for stuff on your website in the more or less recent past.)

Step 3

Pick one of the above “Website traffic” options in Step 2, set up the targeting parameters you require for that option, and then you’re all set!

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