Start Advertising Your Business on Thumbtack


Start Advertising Your Business on Thumbtack

Thumbtack is often hailed as a great online platform to list your business and get leads. And while the platform does deliver, if you don’t know how it works and what the guidelines are for this platform’s lead generation tactics, you could wind up paying for way more than you should have to for advertising your business on Thumbtack.

So, if you are considering advertising your business on Thumbtack to generate leads, then here are two factors you should definitely be aware of about how Thumbtack lead generation works:

1) Thumbtack generates leads who look for the most inexpensive solutions rather than consider quality

Thumbtack has a “your budget” field for its searches. However, as this is not a required search criteria, what happens is that, depending on the quotes for your products and services, leads on Thumbtack will probably disregard you if you’re quotes is not the cheapest one they find. In other words, it’s a platform that often makes businesses compete over who can offer the lowest prices for their products and services, which means the quality of those services is not often a criteria.

2) On finding your business page on Thumbtack, leads still can’t contact you directly

Basically, if you make a business page on Thumbtack, it works better as something that gets traffic for Thumbtack rather than for your own business. And this isn’t because leads might choose not to visit your profile or contact your business after they see your Thumbtack profile. It’s because Thumbtack doesn’t let users contact you directly; they don’t even list your business’s contact details on your Thumbtack business page. Instead, potential leads are asked to request a free quote instead – which can either turn the lead away from your business, or, if they agree to requesting the free quote, you wind up paying to simply display your business contact details to the potential customer.

In basic terms, if you’re planning to advertise on Thumbtack, you should know what you’re spending your advertising budget on and in what form you may expect returns on your investment.

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