Smart Ways To Make The Most Of Popular Social Media Posts


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Smart Ways To Make The Most Of Popular Social Media Posts

Social media is an influential platform to reach out to your users but it is also a challenge to create engaging content at regular intervals. It is time consuming and also demands creativity. Nevertheless, by repurposing the popular content from one media platform to another, one can easily increase the user engagement and that too without putting efforts into creating fresh content. So, here are five fabulous ways through which you can do so.

1. Transform popular Facebook posts into videos or blog posts

The Facebook posts that get hundreds of likes and comments are the ones that generally contain opinion, information and deep research. You can elaborate upon them to create blog posts and if the material is sufficient, you can also make videos. The insight tool of Facebook will tell you about the posts that have been popular.

2. Turn tweets into graphics

You can repost popular tweets on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. You can also paste the tweet on an image and retweet it. Tools such as Adobe Spark, Buffer’s Pablo and Canva can be useful in this regard. As for finding the popular tweets, you can see them in the Analytics dashboard.

3. Pin a popular Instagram photo on Pinterest

You can turn viral photos from Instagram into pins to gain extra traffic. All you have to do is upload the photo to a relevant page on your site and then attach the Pinterest URL with the image.

4. Use posts and quotes on SlideShare

SlideShare thrives on slide presentations and you can easily make use of well-received tweets and statistics to reach out to around 70 million users.

5. Make use of Twitter Moment

Twitter Moments is a new storytelling feature from Twitter that lets you combine and reshare top tweets at a single place. It was launched in October 2016 and offers to be a fantastic platform to repurpose popular content.

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