SEO Website Design Practices That Will Never Be Redundant

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SEO Website Design Practices That Will Never Be Redundant

As online search algorithms change and develop, many websites have had to overhaul their content, style, SEO, site architecture, and other SEO old practices in order to keep up with their online search rankings. However, while a lot has changed over time, there are still certain SEO practices you should follow for your website as these practices will never be redundant.

Why? Because these practices retain the quality of your website while still giving users what they’re looking for – which is what search engines want to provide their users with, in the first place.

So, in that spirit, here are four good SEO tips you should continue applying to your website to rank high in search results and subsequently generate good traffic [and actions] for your website:

1) Make sure your website loads quickly

Nothing can make a user exit a website faster than a long loading time or poor performance. Hence, always ensure that your website is optimized to load as quickly as possible and that you have no broken links or empty content pages on your site.

2) Your website design must be optimized for mobile devices

With the popularity of mobile Internet surfing, it is little wonder that websites need to be optimized for mobile devices as well. In fact, most website design packages and platforms offer this capability as a default service now. And, no website designer worth their salt will not know how to do the same in today’s online scenario. Hence, optimizing your website for mobile users is a very important SEO practice.

3) Build AMPs for your website

AMPs refer to Accelerated Mobile Pages: In other words, it’s not enough to have your website optimized for mobile users. The pages must also be designed to load quickly and efficiently on mobile devices.

4) Have a Clean website Design

Having a website cluttered with links and content that’s hard to navigate is a death-knell for your website. Instead, ensure that your website is cleanly designed, clutter-free, and easy to navigate.

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