SEO And Offline Sales

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SEO And Offline Sales

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for digital marketing, and it is practically a lifeline for online sales and ecommerce. But an indirect fact is that good SEO is actually beneficial for offline sales as well.

The digital era we currently live in has made ecommerce websites and solely online businesses a reality. But that in no way means that offline shops and businesses are a thing of the past; not at all. It’s just that it is more lucrative for a business to have a digital platform in addition to its offline platform. However, not all offline stores have an ecommerce website or online goods. At the most, they may simply be using cyber space to let their potential customers know of their existence and products. But their actual sales and business transactions still take place offline in the real world rather than online. (Facebook pages for local businesses are a prime example of such cases.)

You might ask though: If my business is getting enough traffic online for consumer-awareness but the main sales happen offline, why should SEO be important for my business?

Well, that’s because of our current tendency to search for anything and everything online. After all, that is what the information age encourages us to do; and we have taken to it beautifully: Want to find a restaurant nearby for a quick bite with friends? Search online. Want to know the closest place you can buy a pair of shoes because yours suddenly broke? Search for the closest shoe store online.

So imagine what would happen here: Your potential customer is looking for Chinese take-out to take home because their sister has just messaged them that they have surprise (hungry) guests at home. Your restaurant is just a stop away on that person’s route home. But, because of poor SEO on your web page, only another restaurant farther away comes up in the search results. Needless to say, both your customer and your business lose here.

So whatever your business might be, and however local your target market is, SEO can make a great deal of difference to your offline sales as well.

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