Product Catalogue Profiles On Instagram To Promote Your Business


Product Catalogue Profiles On Instagram To Promote Your Business

Do you have an Instagram account? Do you use it to advertise, promote, or market for your business? Well, if you don’t, it’s about time that you got into practice. Because, Instagram is a great platform to market in and its tools make it a very interesting avenue to advertise on as well.

If you already do use Instagram for your business, though, fantastic! But whichever camp you’re in, you should still check out this great marketing technique that will make an interesting and effective impression on your customers. And that is the strategy of using different Instagram profiles for different categories of [your] products on Instagram, and then using them all as catalogue profiles to promote your business and generate sales.

Here’s how you do it:

1) First of all, decide on your different categories of products. Then make sure your website’s products are arranged according to these category classifications.

2) Create email IDs for each unique product category that you want to include in your Instagram promotion.

3) Use these separate emails to create separate Instagram profiles (i.e., Instagram accounts) for each of these product categories.

4) Complete each product category’s profile on Instagram, and then upload the images of each product that falls under this profile’s product category. (This are the separate catalogue profiles that we mentioned before.)

5) Each image must be tagged/linked/connected to the respective product purchase page on your website. (This way, if users find a product that they like, all they need to do is click on that product’s image and they will be redirected to the purchase page of that product on your website.)

6) Also, include a link in the bio section of the [product] catalogue profile that will directly link users to the respective purchase page.

With this technique, you’ve essentially created an Instagram account version of your website thanks to your interlinked product images. And it attracts users and buyers on Instagram just as well as (if not better than) your website does.

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