Pinterest Revamps Its Targeting Tools For Ads

Pinterest Ads Manager

Pinterest Revamps Its Targeting Tools For Ads

Targeting tools on Pinterest are what make the difference between your Pins being seen by people who are interested in them and being seen by people who will simply scroll by and never think of it again. And Pinterest, being the fabulous social media platform for products and ecommerce that it is, it takes its targeting tools even more seriously.Now, already, users on Pinterest come across Pins that are most likely relevant to them – thanks to search keywords, location, the device the user is using, their (patterned) interests, etc. This crucial feature is what gets users a list of recommended Boards and Pins based on their previous Pins and interests. And, as a business, getting your Pins and Boards in front of the users most likely to enjoy your products and related Pins, is obviously your first priority on Pinterest.

And Pinterest, obviously recognizing the essentiality of their targeting tools, has now revamped and added new targeting tools to their Pinterest Ads Manager, in order to make targeted ads on Pinterest even more effective.

More specifically, the Pinterest Ads Manager has three new methods in which businesses can target customers on the site:

1) Customer List Targeting

This method targets customers in a business’s existing database. It uses the email Ids or mobile ad Ids of customers who’ve already become a part of the business’s list of customers.

2) Visitor Retargeting

This method targets those users who have visited the business’s website. (These are potential customers who’ve merely visited their site. They’re not part of the established customer base for the business.)

3) Lookalike Targeting

This new method of customer targeting actually pinpoints users who act similar to how the business’s existing audience behaves. It’s a sure-fire way of gaining new customers – as it looks for users based on how the business’s existing batch of customers and audiences look like.

Initial tests regarding these targeting options have so far seen much improved results.

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