Maintaining Accurate & Consistent NAP For Local SEO

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Maintaining Accurate & Consistent NAP For Local SEO

Local SEO, despite its more limited reach, has a ton of advantages that local businesses can easily milk for all its worth. However, the sad truth is that most businesses don’t rake in the full benefits of local SEO. In fact, most businesses actually damage their online rankings by not paying enough attention to local SEO. And one of the most crucial elements of local SEO is the NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) of the local business. Local SEO has the enticing ability to flourish without the local business or entity in question needing an exclusive website; social media accounts dedicated to the local entity with all the relevant details provided there is more than enough. However, considering the boom of entrepreneurship and the umpteen number of businesses out there, accuracy becomes extremely important.

For instance, if your business is named “CakeWalk”, you cannot display it as “Cakewalk”, “cake walk” “Cake Walk”, or in any other possible variation; your business’s name has to be “CakeWalk” across all your social media accounts and every online profile you register it on. Because, the fact is, any of those variations could easily refer to another local business, thereby leaving your own business high and dry. The same applies to your local entity’s phone number and address as well. Every detail should be exactly the same in every single social media platform you have registered your business information at. Also, don’t add or deduct information across various sites. If you’re registering one branch address, or two phone numbers in one site, then that should be the same thing you register in every other platform.

Another thing to keep track of regarding the NAP of your business is to keep track of it any time you change any of your business’s details (like if you change your location, phone number, etc.). For a change of these details on any one online platform should be copied onto every other online platform your local business exists in.

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