Know More about SEO: Stages of SEO Process


Know More about SEO:  Stages of SEO Process

SEO or search engine optimization is the most important tool of internet marketing that helps to get a site better rank in search engine results. It also brings more traffic to your site and strengthens the position of your web property in the digital estate. Therefore, every website or blog that aspires to consolidate its position in the intensely competitive and crowded digital world should invest in SEO and execute the SEO process properly so as to get favorable results.

SEO might seem very simple and many a time, websites are too complacent or rather say ignorant about the whole process which may prove to be detrimental for their growth. So, you must know the stages of SEO process which can be broadly categorized into two levels- on site SEO and off site SEO. On site SEO is about working on the different components of a webpage. These components include page title, page structure, internal links, text formatting, use of H1, H2, H3, image optimization, right usage of keywords, user sitemap, relevant content with quality, page speed, mobile friendly site design, Google authorship status, 404 page, breadcrumbs and permanent link structure.

Off site SEO is about website promotion and a large part of it revolves around link building. Link building, as the name indicates, is about building links on other sites that drive traffic to your site. They are a sign of trust and credibility and help you get recognition from search engines as well. But you should be careful about link building and refrain from link farms as they harm you in the long run. Links should be fair and from sites that are genuine. Fresh and authentic content also goes a long way in offsite SEO as you can gain eyeballs on social networking sites and thus, build credible links.

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