Is SEO The Same As Internet Marketing?

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Is SEO the Same as Internet Marketing?

When one thinks about Internet or Online marketing and has at least a little familiarity with the web, what first comes to mind is usually SEO. This isn’t surprising, especially as most content about Internet marketing usually includes SEO. The result though, is that SEO is often used synonymously with Internet marketing – Which brings us back to the question in the title: Is SEO the same as internet marketing?

Well, the short and very clear answer to that question is “No”. SEO is not the same as internet marketing or online marketing. SEO is a technique or tool used for Internet marketing. As such, SEO shares space with PPC, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, and other online marketing techniques. And even though it is a very important online marketing tool and is often used in tandem with other e-marketing techniques and strategies, SEO is not all-encompassing or the only Internet marketing technique there is. In fact, SEO, despite the hype around it and its admitted usefulness, cannot be effective without using some of the other online marketing techniques as well (e.g., PPC, social media marketing, etc.).

SEO as an Internet marketing tool is probably so popular because of the cost factor. For, while SEO requires a lot of skill and investment of time, once you have a SEO friendly website, it will bring in great returns with no extra cost. So the fact that SEO generates organic traffic instead of paid traffic is what makes it so effective and popular. However, if you use SEO in tandem with other e-marketing techniques and strategies, the traffic you generate to your online platform(s) – as well the impact it makes on your brand value – would be absolutely incredible.

Hence, for a sound e-marketing plan, it is advisable to use every cyber marketing tool you could possibly gather – without making the mistake of thinking that SEO alone is equivalent to an entire Internet marketing strategy.

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