IFTTT: The Superb Social Media Marketing Solution


IFTTT: The Superb Social Media Marketing Solution

Social media marketing involves many tasks and that too on various social media platforms. It can be quite time-taking but not when you are registered with IFTTT. Wondering what it is? Well, IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” and is an application that lets you automate your social media tasks in simple steps.

It is aligned with more than 700 services including the bigger names like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and many more. All you have to do is create an applet i.e. the automated action that will be performed as and according to the trigger and action mentioned in the Applet. So, here are the ways to use applets to accomplish social media tasks.

1. To share engaging content

You can share a good piece of content on multiple social media platforms by finding the RSS feed of the said platform and using IFTTT’s RSS service as the trigger to distribute content on your social media accounts as well as other blogs.

2. To share positive customer reviews

Glowing words from customers go a long way in increasing sales as well as establishing your brand. So, you can create applets to share a positive customer experience to different social media platforms.

3. To keep an eye on competitor posts

The stiff competition out there demands one to be on one’s toes always and applets can be helpful in this regard as you can create alerts for posts and tweets from competitors. This way you can ensure that you are not left behind and are always at the forefront.

4. To know about the people tweeting in your area

You can direct people to your business website and grow your audience if you are aware that people are tweeting in your area. This works best for local businesses. All you have to do is create IFTTT alerts for the people tweeting in your area.

5. To assign tasks to team members

Applets can be used to alert a person or even an app to get a task done. For ex, your applet can send the latest tweets to a specific group to capitalize on it or on the keywords in the tweet.

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