How & Why Infographic Can Raise Your Web Traffic?


How & Why Infographic Can Raise Your Web Traffic?

“A picture is worth a thousand words” goes the old saying. And that holds true even today, it seems. For recent statistics have shown that using infographics on a website can as much as double the website’s traffic!

Now of course, the key term here is “infographic”. So it doesn’t mean that any old photograph or image can cause the same rise in web traffic: The image has to specifically and clearly impart some kind of information to the viewer. Plus, it also means that you shouldn’t fall into the old trap of concentrating more on the graphics than the actual information you’re trying to convey. (The “info” does come before the “graphics” in the term as well, you know. So keep that in mind if you need help to be clear on your priorities while creating infographics.)

The How:

“The how” is in the way infographics appear on search engines: Google automatically ranks graphics higher as they’ve already learned their users prefer them. However, do note that your infographic will have the best impact only if you accompany it with relevant, explanatory text. Because, when Google finds your image, even the textual portion of the image will just be registered as an “image”. So it’s the accompanying text from which Google will pull relevant content and keywords.

The Why:

“The why” is a little more obvious; as in, “why do infographics help improve web traffic”: The plain fact is that humans, generally, process visual information much faster than audial or textual information. So people are more inclined to look at infographics than plain text. And if you do the smart thing and accompany your infographics with relevant content that explains the infographic even further and in detail, you’ll get happier, more satisfied users and, consequently, much better web traffic.

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