How Website Loading Speed Influences Google SEO Rankings?

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How Website Loading Speed Influences Google SEO Rankings?

The need for better speed has been there ever since the dawn of human civilization. So, is it any wonder that netizens are always craving for more speed, be it their internet service provider or search engines or websites. It is a well-known fact that the web space is crammed with loads of content and billions of sites which make it difficult for search engines to crawl and curate them. So, if your site takes longer to load, you are bound to be penalized. Google, in 2010, has already announced that speed impacts ranking. It has also declared that slow-performing mobile sites will face the music.

This means low Website/Page Loading Speed is equal to low ranking. But how exactly speed leads to poor ranking.

1.It shares an inverse relationship with attention span of audience

It has been proven beyond doubt that the attention span of netizens is pretty low which makes it imperative for your site to load faster in order to entice them and keep them engaged. If it is slow, you will be ignored, even if you have awesome content or products. This means less traffic and thus, poor ranking by Google.

2.It affects user experience negatively

Low speed means frustrated users which naturally leads to abandonment or worse still negative reviews. This automatically translates into less sharing or no sharing. Google takes user experience very seriously and uses it as an important parameter while awarding ranks.

Needless to say, site speed is of utmost importance if you want to impress Google. It is one of the significant factors that the giant search engine takes into account for ranking. Therefore, you have to be cautious while implementing new design or code or while adding content or plugins. Test them beforehand and if you find out that they are interfering with the speed, hold on. The losses may far outweigh the gains.

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