How To Use the “Geocode” Search Query On Twitter?

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How To Use the “Geocode” Search Query On Twitter?

Local marketing trends are at all-time rise, especially since marketing to your local area is a great way to promote your local business. Plus, location-based marketing on Twitter and other social media is also a great way to engage with both existing and potential local customers as well. And using the “Geocode” search query is exactly how you can connect and engage with any local customers and businesses in your area. Here’s how you can use this search query:

1) Get your local business’s geographical coordinates (perhaps by using a website like or some other similar geolocation website or tool).

2) In the Twitter search bar, type in “geocode:” Then copy the latitude and longitude coordinates you obtained of your business’s geographical location. Type it right after the colon (:) with no space in-between.

3) Type in a comma (,) right after the latitudes you pasted, and enter the kilometers around the [specified] area that you want to find Twitter accounts for. (Again, there is no space after the comma.)
(For example, geocode:11.0314970,77.0291570,5 km is akin to the search query format of what needs to be entered in Twitter’s search bar.)

4) To connect with the businesses and local users who are within the local area of your business, click on the “Accounts” tab under your search results.

5) Under the “Latest” and “Top” tabs, you’ll find tweets and conversations you can engage or converse with as you might prefer.

Thus, using the geocode search query, you can use Twitter to engage with any existing or potential local customers who are near your local business. And in turn, you will be promoting and spreading your own business’s reach in your local area via this initiative. Plus, best of all, this is probably the quickest tactic you’ll find on Twitter to spread brand awareness about your business [in your local area].

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