How To Use Prisma App To Make Your Photos Worthy?

Prisma App

How To Use Prisma App To Make Your Photos Worthy?

Images and visual appeal is obviously and important factor to consider when it comes to posting on social media. However, what many don’t admit is that a lot of smartphone-taken photos don’t always come out looking ready-to-post right away. Most of the time, you need filters to make them visually appealing, as well as using image editing tools on them. In fact, many photos come out looking positively bland or awful.

But hey, not everyone can be a professional-level photographer, especially when you don’t have an awesome camera. Thankfully, that’s the Web provides awesome image editing apps. And Prisma happens to be one of those awesome image editing apps. What’s more, Prisma is a mobile-only app as well and is fantastic for giving your photos a more artistic look.

Here’s how you can use Prisma to spruce up your bland-looking smartphone shots

1) Install the Prisma mobile app.

2) Take a photo on your mobile and upload it onto the Prisma app. Or else, take a photo directly with the Prisma app on your phone.

3) Browse through Prisma’s many filters and pick the one(s) that work best with your chosen photo. Note that not every photograph will best suit a particular filter and vice versa. So experiment with the filters available to find one that works best with your selected photograph.

4) You can tweak the intensity of a filter by increasing or reducing the percentage value of the filter on your photo. This is great especially when you want to add multiple effects to your photographs at different levels of intensity.

5) Once you apply the filters to achieve a look you’re satisfied with, you can either share this Prisma-enhanced photo on Instagram or Twitter directly, or download it to your camera roll to do with as you wish.

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