How To Use ManageFlitter With Twitter?

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How To Use ManageFlitter With Twitter?

ManageFlitter is an online Web tool that works mainly to manage Twitter accounts. This tools allows you to easily and effectively manage multiple Twitter accounts. In fact, using this tool, you can manage your follower and following counts, find new Twitter accounts to follow, get a list of the accounts that you should unfollow due to account inactivity and other reasons, and also find the best time for scheduling your tweets as well as then schedule them accordingly.

When you sign up with ManageFlitter, you get three plan options from which you can pick: The free plan, the paid plan, and the business plan. However, it’s good to note that the free plan is very limited compared to the other two plans.

Here are the five main functions you can use ManageFlitter for on Twitter:

1) Unfollow

It is generally considered good practice to have a higher number of Twitter followers than the number of accounts you are following. This app lets you manage that ratio by listing inactive accounts and accounts that haven’t followed you back – which you can, in turn, unfollow.

2) Twitter Search

You can easily search for and find relevant tweets on Twitter using the right keywords and tags. These search results not only give you relevant tweets for your keywords, but also gives you various relevant Twitter account that could be in your best interests to follow.

3) PowerPost

With PowerPost on ManageFlitter, you can schedule your tweets to be posted based on the times when your followers are most active on Twitter. This way, you can be sure your tweets get optimum exposure when they’re posted.

4) Follow

Other than Twitter Search, you can also find the best Twitter accounts to follow based on your business and marketing goals. Power Mode helps you do this on ManageFlitter. (Simply define your search filters according to your goals.)

5) Analytics

It’s the tracking data regarding keywords, websites, hashtags, and the like on Twitter that really benefit your marketing strategy. Which is what analytics from this web tool provides.

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