How To Use Advanced Twitter Search?

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How To Use Advanced Twitter Search?

The best way to appear an expert in your field is to take part in Twitter conversations where you can actually make use of and show your epertise. However, with thousands to millions of tweets and related conversations happening daily on this bite-size content encouraging platform, finding the right conversations to weigh in on is difficult.

Luckily, you can use advanced Twitter search to find these conversations. Here are 3 ways how:

1) Use keywords in various combinations to search for and monitor relevant Twitter conversations in your industry.

Use the “OR” search operator to combine all the relevant keywords in your search; it will ensure that none of your specified keywords are overlooked. Adding the “recommend” keyword or similar keywords will also help you find conversations where people are looking for the kind of services you and your business is offering. Regularly update your keywords as well in order to keep up with the latest conversations that are happening in your industry.

2) Use keywords to find Twitter accounts that fall within your industry

Like in the previous case, use relevant keywords, then click on “More Options” in the advanced Twitter search settings and then pick “Accounts”. This will get you a list of filtered accounts that match your keywords, thereby giving you peer accounts to follow in your industry.

3) Filter the advanced Twitter search results by date

While it’s important to participate in relevant conversations, it’s also necessary to ensure that the conversations you’re weighing in on is “timely”. For instance, taking part in conversations that have long since been shelved will not make you look like a thought leader in your industry. Instead, if you filter your keywords and hashtags on the advanced Twitter search engine by recent dates (perhaps, say, in the range of the last few weeks to the present), you’ll get the latest conversations happening in your industry at the current time.

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