How To Optimize Your Videos For YouTube Searches?

youtube video optimization

How To Optimize Your Videos For YouTube Searches?

Videos are a must today for any marketing campaign. However, that’s a tip every business is aware of at the moment. So now, the real challenge is how to ensure that your video actually shows up in the relevant searches.

In addition, people don’t search for relevant videos on Google or other search engines much anymore. Rather, they go straight to the source: YouTube. So, in order for your videos to show up in the relevant YouTube searches and subsequently found by the user(s), you need to first optimize your YouTube videos so that they rank higher in these video searches.

Here are 3 ways you can better optimize your videos:

1) Use The YouTube Keyword Tool To Find Strong Keywords For Your Video

Search engines cannot look into the content of your videos like they can look into your text content. Hence, it’s up to you to pick strong and relevant keywords for your videos and include them in your tags. At least about ten tags per video is a good idea. And using the YouTube Keyword Tool to find strong keywords for your video is a good idea.

2) Include Transcripts For Your Video

Closed captions make your video easier to comprehend and thereby accessible to much a wider audience. And that’s exactly why you should include transcripts in your video. YouTube does give the option of having auto-generated subtitles when a user clicks the “CC” button on the video. But these are often rife with mistakes. So you’ll be safer by having a human-generated transcript for your video. Videos with subtitles automatically rank higher in YouTube searches as well.

3) Use Customized Video Thumbnails For Each Of Your Videos

Use a customized and attractive thumbnail of your own that has 1280×720 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio for each of your videos. It’s a better option than letting YouTube automatically select a screenshot of your video (which might be grainy or uninteresting). In fact, videos with customized thumbnails easily receive more views.

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