How To Optimize Your Personal Profile On LinkedIn?

Linkedin Personal Profile

How To Optimize Your Personal Profile On LinkedIn?

Your LinkedIn profile is akin to your online professional resume. And, even if you have a company or brand that you own on LinkedIn, it won’t do to neglect your personal profile on the platform. For, not only does your LinkedIn profile help you attract employers (as well as employees and team members alike), but it also influences the impression your potential customers and clients have of your brand. So, whether you are a job-seeker, a recruiter, a company owner, or an independent worker or consultant, it is a good idea to optimize your personal LinkedIn profile page.

Here’s are five 5 ways in which you can do so:

1) Complete your LinkedIn profile. Ensure that all the sections of your LinkedIn profile are completed and have the relevant information. Don’t simply include the basic set up and leave your account’s profile page at that. Also make sure you include a profile picture. LinkedIn profile pages that have profile pictures are more likely to be found on this platform.

2) Include a background image on your LinkedIn profile that says something about you and what you offer. For example, making your own LinkedIn cover page / background image that includes snapshots of your portfolio or products and services is a good way to optimize your personal profile.

3) Customize your LinkedIn URL. Having just a profile number in your profile page’s URL link is hardly complimentary, so customize it to include your full name. Plus, since LinkedIn pages rank high on Google, searches for your full name are likely to find your LinkedIn profile page in the top results.

4) Share your LinkedIn profile’s URL address in all your other social media accounts. This will make your profile even more likely to be found on LinkedIn.

5) Link your personal LinkedIn account to your blog so that updates are shared regularly to your LinkedIn profile – thereby keeping your account activity regular.

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