How to Make Google’s New Search Algorithm Changes Work for You?

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How to Make Google’s New Search Algorithm Changes Work for You?

Google’s recent (and, rumored to be still ongoing) Panda & Penguin updates in its algorithm have certainly sent the SEO world into a tizzy. All the old SEO tricks are slowly being hacked away to pieces. And SEO “tricks” in general seem to be on it’s way to extinction. And just to be clear, we’re talking about the old tricks where content was saturated with keywords, websites and blogs generously guest posted on other websites and blogs and vice versa, and sites had plenty of inbound links interacting with their own content on different web pages on their site.

Well, as hard as this may sound, Google’s search algorithm changes can actually be used to your advantage. The only difference is that, more than SEO “tricks”, you’ll be concentrating on optimizing your actual content. And here’s how:

1) Use The Old SEO Tricks in Adequate Proportion:

Now, Google’s new updates on its search engine algorithm in no way means that you can’t use keywords and backlinks and inbound links at all. It just means that you can’t saturate your website with them to a redundant capacity. For instance, keep 2% to 8% of your content alone as dedicated to keywords and links. And you can even extend this proportion if you wish, but just make sure that it doesn’t dominate your content.

2) Concentrate On Good Quality Content:

Absolutely nothing can beat good content. So as long as you concentrate on generating regular and good quality content, you’re good to go. That’s one SEO technique that Google will always support.

3) Keep Your Website Design User-Friendly:

You’d be surprised how many users abandon websites and blogs because their UX is hard to navigate, scattered with broken links, or is just generally disorganized. And since you’ve already gone to the trouble of creating and maintaining this site, it makes sense to supervise your UX design as well. For, if users are happy to visit your website, Google is happy to rank you well on its search results.

4) Link to Social Media Sites:

Link your content to social media sites and Google will rank you better. Because that’s one form of linking your content that Google is happy to support.

Generally though, focus on quality and user-friendliness all around, and you’ll be safe.

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