How To Launch A Website That Others Will Want To Link?

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How To Launch A Website That Others Will Want To Link?

Being a new website in this age of digital media explosion can be tough. For one thing, it’s likely you have a lot of competition in your niche. And for another, if you’re new and your competitors are not, that means they’ll be considered more of an authority in that niche than you are.

Don’t fret though. There are still ways to ensure that your website rapidly grows and can attract those who want to link to your content. And here are some great ways on how you can achieve that:

1)Be Creative

You may offer content to a niche others have more experience with. But you can still catch people’s eye if you use new, innovative, and creative ways to present those ideas on your website. Or instance, since videos are the new rage online right now, consider posting video content to support (or in tandem with) your text content. Or else, offer a free too or offer on your website that users will want to use.
Whatever you choose, being creative will always get you noticed.

2)Be Extensive

One way to prove to users that you are an authority in your niche is to give extensive details in your content. Sure, bite-sized pieces of content are fine sometimes, and is even preferable if you churn out regular pieces of content. But don’t underestimate the power of details in looking like an authority to be reckoned with in your field. So whether your content is large or small, be a stickler for the details and give the extensive information on the subject that other sites haven’t yet bothered with.

3)Be Keyword-Savvy

There are many web tools out there – both free and paid – that can help you find keywords related to your niche. Well, use them. Find a good batch (maybe 15 to 20?) of major and minor “exact” keywords in your niche, along with longtails (keywords in your niche with low competition), and then use them in both information giving content (e.g., how to, tips, etc.) and action-related content (e.g., buy, sign up, etc.).

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