How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Mobile Responsive Website Design?


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How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Mobile Responsive Website Design?

With the popularity of surfing the Web on the go via mobile devices only gaining popularity, it’s no surprise that websites are now required to have mobile responsive designs in order to reach more of their target audience. In fact, even automated website design platforms have a default feature to check how one’s website content will adapt to different mobile devices (in appearance).

However, while having a mobile responsive website is essential, it is not the end of the game. No effectively at least. For, with such a website design practice being so common now, it’s only a matter of time till the user experience of one’s mobile website versions start dictating which websites will win over the others when it comes to gaining traffic and interactions. Considering this, here are some ways you can make your mobile responsive website design even more effective and optimized:

1) Reduce the appearance of unnecessary elements of your website. In other words, you can choose which elements of your website you want appearing when a user uses a mobile device to access the site. For example, the large footer of your website can be omitted, as well as a few images that are not entirely necessary. Basically, you’re trimming what mobile users see of your website so that they experience a clean design and uncluttered content on your website.

2) You can reduce the size of any videos on your website in order for them to play quickly and comfortably on a mobile screen. And this doesn’t just mean the aspect ratio of the video (which is oftentimes automatically adjusted in mobile responsive website designs), but also the running quality [size] of the video.

3) Add “Call” buttons that will display your phone number and allow users to contact you with a click of a button on their smartphone. This way, users can call you easily and directly regarding your products and services.

4) Style all buttons on your website to be larger on mobile devices so that they are easier to click.

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