How To Host A Blab From Your Smartphone?


How To Host A Blab From Your Smartphone?

Blab is a live video hosting application that allows its users to record and broadcast live videos of whatever they wish. Blab users have the option to record their videos and save them for future use, and also decide whether or not other people can sit in on the live video.

Creating and recording a live video on Blab via your smartphone is a relatively easy feat – as long as you have a pretty good idea what you’re going to record. (After all, don’t forget that you’re going to broadcast this live. There won’t be any chances for do-overs and edits before you broadcast this for your followers.)

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1) First and foremost, you’ll need a Blab account. And, while it’s possible for you to create an account from scratch, it’s usually suggested that you use your Twitter account to log in. This way, you can share your video to your followers on Twitter.

2) Once you log in, you’ll instantly see a list of those you follow as well as live videos on air. However, this is about hosting your on Blab. So your attention should be on the “+” button on the top of your screen. Just click that button to start creating and hosting your Blab video.

3) Give your Blab video a name when prompted, and add appropriate tags as well.

4) Now, before you begin, first decide whether you want call-ins or not while you shoot your video. If you do, leave the seats open. If not, lock the seats.

5) Next, you need people to know your hosting a Blab, so notify your followers by clicking on the “Share” button and share your link via the sharing options available.

6) Now you can go on air and start your Blab video. If you’ve left seats open, you’ll be able to see whose joined in. And, you’ll also be able to see any conversations regarding your video as and when they happen.

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