How To Handle A Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates?

Google algorithm Update

How To Handle A Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates?

Generally, the SEO world sits up and takes notice when Google makes a major change in its search engine algorithm. And that’s fine: That’s what SEO experts should do. However, what happens is that people don’t just sit up and take notice; they also panic. And as anyone in business knows, to make decisions while panicking is a sure-fire way to make hasty and [often] unnecessary decisions.

So what happens is that everyone involved in SEO at some level or the other are suddenly drowned in speculations and expert SEO opinions in how to salvage their website and keep up with the changes Google has made. And while preemptive plans are a sound strategy, to integrate changes in your site and content based on mere assumptions of what Google’s latest search engine update will bring is jumping the gun.

So how should you handle it when Google makes a major new change to its search algorithm? Here’s how you can stay apace the SEO game in the most optimum fashion:

1) Stay Calm

This cannot be stressed enough: Don’t panic. Don’t make anxious decisions. Stay calm. And wait for the entire matter to settle. Because, the truth is, Google makes changes to its search engine algorithm fairly regularly. So you need to wait and watch the new search patterns in order to gauge whether a particular update is a big deal or not. Plus, it’s always better to judge such changes and their effects for yourself than depend on other people’s assumptions alone.

2) Wait for Affirmation instead of Assuming What the Changes are

Once the update has been implemented, Google itself gives everyone detailed information about the algorithm update and the changes it will invoke. So there’s absolutely no need to run around making changes based on assumptions that are just predictions at best. Worse still, what if some of the changes you preemptively made weren’t necessary or even harmful to your rankings? You’d have to revert everything back. Besides, your own research into the matter will have more validity than predictions alone.

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