How To Get Quick Wins In SEO & Content Marketing?

SEO & Content Marketing

How To Get Quick Wins In SEO & Content Marketing?

To get right to the point: There are two ways which will acquire you such quick wins when it comes to content marketing and SEO. However, be warned that they are not a technical consideration like researching keywords and posting on social media (though these strategies are certainly applied in the process).

For, the truth is, no matter how well you research keywords and how optimally you utilize social media sites, establishing your brand will still be a long and relentless process. And, if your content or product/service isn’t up to scratch, all your efforts will come to nothing in the long run.

Now, the goal here is not just to get one-time clicks of curiosity, but to keep those who click on your site coming back for more. And in order to do that, here are two basic strategies that you must implement:

Understand Your Audience’s Interests and Needs:

These might seem relatively straightforward. But too many trot over the thorough research phase and skip this important aspect of SEO. Or, even if they do devote a good amount of time to research, they soon think they’ve gained enough information or get distracted by other data to analyse (The Internet being the information overload that it is, it’s understandable, but it’s also detrimental to effective content strategies).

The thing is, how will you attract your audience (and keep them) unless your content is something they feel they need and are interested in? And that should be the basis for all your content generation strategies. For, if you attract them with your content, and then keep producing such content, then you’re much more likely to attract more users and also keep them returning to your site.

Fulfill a Need for Your Audience that Your Competitors Do Not:

Now that you know what your users need and want, it’s time to check out how your competitors are filling those holes – and which holes they are not filling. And then, you need to tackle one of those unfulfilled needs yourself – which will, of course, get you increased and better user engagement.

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